August 2016 Results Update

A few ups and downs but overall August was a pretty solid month.


Key highlights: July 2016

  • 60% of bets dropped in odds from when I posted (compared to BSP and excluding NRs). Not as good as previous months but overall still solid.
  • Straight back betting at advised odds produced a solid profit of 67.8 points. This included winners at 12/1, 11/1, 9/1, 8/1.¬† Overall strike rate of 23% may seem low, but with average odds of 7/1 it is a respectable strike rate.

Bring on September.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPTrend ProfitBack ProfitCombined Profit

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Trend ProfitBack Profit
01/08/201616:30 Kemp, Mister Bob (2pt W, Boyles 4.5)2Boyles4.53.81st0.37.0
01/08/201615:15 Ripo, Absolute Zero (2pt W, Betfred 2.63)2Betfred2.632.131st0.43.3
02/08/201619:20 Chel, Ice Royal (2pt W, B365 8)2B365897th-0.3-2.0
02/08/201615:00 Sali, Monarch Maid (2pt W, Paddy Power 10)2Paddy Power100NR0.00.0
03/08/201616:20 Brig, Princess Zoffany (2pt W, BV 6.5)2BV6.50NR0.00.0
03/08/201620:40 Kemp, Sbraase (2pt W, Coral 8)2Coral85.615th0.7-2.0
04/08/201620:40 Newc, Questo (2pt W, PP 23)2PP23157th0.9-2.0
04/08/201619:40 Wolv, Gavarnie Encore (2pt W, Will Hill 23)2Will Hill236.275th5.0-2.0
05/08/201620:30 Hayd, Tartan Bute (2pt W, Will Hill 3.75)2Will Hill3.753.44th0.1-2.0
05/08/201620:20 Newm, Mehronissa (2pt W, Will Hill 10)2Will Hill106.171st1.118.0
06/08/201616:05 Asco, Sunflower (2pt W, Coral 17)2Coral17165th0.0-2.0
06/08/201617:35 Redc, Hallstatt (2pt W, Will Hill 13)2Will Hill1316.511th-0.5-2.0
07/08/201616:00 Leic, Highly Sprung (2pt W, B365 15)2B36515202nd-0.6-2.0
08/08/201616:30 Ayr, Mica Mika (2pt W, Will Hill 17)2Will Hill17153rd0.2-2.0
08/08/201619:20 Wind, Permian (2pt W, Will Hill 3.5)2Will Hill3.52.111st1.25.0
09/08/201619:15 Ling, Fleetwood Poppy (2pt W, Will Hill 13)2Will Hill1311.321st0.224
09/08/201619:00 Nott, Atalan (2pt W, Will Hill 4)2Will Hill44.425th-0.3-2.0
10/08/201617:00 Beve, Fyrecracker (2pt W, Will Hill 6.5)2Will Hill6.56.735th-0.2-2.0
10/08/201619:10 Kemp, Monks Stand (2pt W, Will Hill 3.25)2Will Hill3.252.272nd0.8-2.0
11/08/201615:40 Sali, Bess Of Hardwick (2pt W, PP 4.5)2PP4.55.84th-0.5-2.0
11/08/201618:35 Yarm, Burnt Cream (2pt W, Will Hill 9)2Will Hill99.369th-0.2-2.0
12/08/201616:50 Nott, Singyoursong (2pt W, Betway 3.75)2Betway3.753.284th0.2-2.0
12/08/201618:35 Newm, Ghayyar (2pt W, B365 8)2B36585.271st0.914.0
13/08/201616:45 Newb, Croquembouche (2pt W, Ladbrokes 11)2Ladbrokes118.482nd0.5-2.0
13/08/201616:25 Newm, Watersmeet (2pt W, Boyles 9)2Boyles97.47th0.3-2.0
14/08/201616:05 Sout, French Seventyfive (2pt W, BV 8)2BV88.343rd-0.2-2.0
15/08/201614:30 Chel, Strictly Carter (2pt W, Will Hill 7)2Will Hill75.153rd0.6-2.0
16/08/201618:40 Leic, Ballymore Castle (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8)2Ladbrokes87.025th0.2-2.0
16/08/201621:00 Wolv, Tafahom (2pt W, Will Hill 12)2Will Hill127.27th1.2-2.0
17/08/201620:00 Worc, Who Am I (2pt W, Will Hill 9)2Will Hill97.241st0.416.0
17/08/201616:55 York, The Wagon Wheel (2pt W, Will Hill 7)2Will Hill78.481st-0.412.0
18/08/201618:30 Font, Pied Du Roi (2pt W, Paddy Power 3.25)2Paddy Power3.252.581st0.44.5
18/08/201616:55 York, Light Music (2pt W, Will Hill 11)2Will Hill1113.3911th-0.4-2.0
19/08/201615:55 Bang, The Backup Plan (2pt W, Coral 3.5)2Coral3.52.512nd0.7-2.0
19/08/201620:05 Sali, Lily Trotter (2pt W, Paddy Power 7)2Paddy Power76.715th-0.0-2.0
20/08/201616:20 Newt, Relkwood (2pt W, Coral 15)2Coral15135th0.2-2.0
20/08/201617:25 Sand, Frozen Force (2pt W, Paddy Power 11)2Paddy Power110NR0.00.0
21/08/201614:30 Brig, King Crimson (2pt W, B365 7)2B36576.111st0.212.0
21/08/201615:40 Chel, Magnus Maximus (2pt W, Betway 12)2Betway126.091st1.822.0
22/08/201615:00 Brig, Bobby Vee (2pt W, Will Hill 5)2Will Hill53.863rd0.5-2.0
22/08/201617:50 Kemp, Hazell Berry (2pt W, Betfair 5.5)2Betfair5.57.323rd-0.6-2.0
23/08/201620:40 Chel, Gunner Moyne (2pt W, Will Hill 4.5)2Will Hill4.50NR0.00.0
23/08/201616:30 Yarm, Doctor Bong (2pt W, Coral 7.5)2Coral7.58.25th-0.3-2.0
24/08/201616:40 Ling, Mr Rock (2pt W, Bet Victor 4.33)2Bet Victor4.330NR0.00.0
24/08/201615:40 Ling, King Of Spin (2pt W, Coral 4.5)2Coral4.50NR0.00.0
25/08/201616:10 Leic, Syncopation (2pt W, B365 4)2B36542.673rd0.9-2.0
25/08/201618:45 Wolv, Xenon (2pt W, Bet Victor 13)2Bet Victor1325.216th-1.0-2.0
26/08/201614:45 Ffos, Chaplin (2pt W, B365 3.25)2B3653.253.853rd-0.4-2.0
26/08/201618:00 Newc, Almutamarred (2pt W, Will Hill 5)2Will Hill52.691st1.68.0
27/08/201619:35 Wind, Ice Age (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7)2Ladbrokes70NR0.00.0
27/08/201619:50 Redc, Someone Exciting (2pt W, Will Hill 9)2Will Hill97.682nd0.2-2.0
28/08/201617:40 Yarm, Anastazia (2pt W, B365 6)2B36565.424th0.1-2.0
29/08/201616:15 Chep, Nebula Storm (2pt W, Betfair 5.5)2Betfair5.55.073rd0.1-2.0
29/08/201615:15 Epso, Hay Chewed (2pt W, Will Hill 10)2Will Hill1010.994th-0.3-2.0
30/08/201616:10 Good, Gang Warfare (2pt W, Betfred 9)2Betfred911.225th-0.5-2.0
30/08/201617:00 Worc, Minella Definitely (2pt W, Coral 9)2Coral910.87PU-0.4-2.0
31/08/201615:40 Ling, Rising Eagle (2pt W, Betway 17)2Betway178.85th1.7-2.0
31/08/201615:20 Sout, Newton Geronimo (2pt W, Coral 5)2Coral55.775th-0.3-2.0

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