December 2017 Results Update

Key highlights: December 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 10 points.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
1/12/201719:45 Chel, Inuk (2pt W, PP 6)2PP60NR0.0
2/12/201715:15 Bang, Cowslip (2pt W, WH 10)2WH106.41st18.0
2/12/201719:45 Wolv, Towerlands Park (2pt W, Betfred 5)2Betfred543rd-2.0
3/12/201713:55 Carl, Craig Star (2pt W, SJ 7.5)2SJ7.57.42nd-2.0
4/12/201715:10 Plum, Be Daring (2pt W, PP 4.33)2PP4.333.49UR-2.0
6/12/201715:20 Ling, Shan Dun Na Ngall (2pt W, WH 9)2WH919.126th-2.0
6/12/201712:10 Ling, Favourite Royal (2pt W, B365 9.5)2B3659.55.85th-2.0
7/12/201720:30 Chel, Victoriously (2pt W, WH 5)2WH57.28th-2.0
7/12/201714:05 Winc, Capeland (2pt W, WH 3.75)2WH3.753.472nd-2.0
8/12/201719:45 Chel, Vogueatti (2pt W, Ladbrokes 15)2Ladbrokes1513.6211th-2.0
8/12/201713:45 Sedg, Dick Darsie (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.54.592nd-2.0
9/12/201712:25 Aint, Play The Ace (2pt W, WH 6)2WH67.61st10.0
9/12/201714:10 Chep, Souriyan (2pt W, WH 7.5)2WH7.5114th-2.0
10/12/201712:25 Hunt, Sunnytahliateigan (2pt W, PP 6)2PP60NR0.0
12/12/201712:30 Ling, Merdon Castle (2pt W, Betfred 6)2Betfred62.48th-2.0
13/12/201713:30 Ling, Mundersfield (2pt W, PP 4.5)2PP4.513.56th-2.0
14/12/201714:20 Newc, Dakota Grey (2pt W, Betfred 5)2Betfred50NR0.0
14/12/201713:55 Warw, Paddy The Oscar (2pt W, PP 8.5)2PP8.50NR0.0
15/12/201720:45 Chel, Pass The Cristal (2pt W, Ladbrokes 12)2Ladbrokes1213.54th-2.0
16/12/201719:45 Wolv, Raashdy (2pt W, WH 6)2WH63.152nd-2.0
16/12/201717:45 Wolv, Ty Rock Brandy (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.54.791st9.0
17/12/201714:35 Sout, Midnight Silver (2pt W, SJ 6.5)2SJ6.52.831st11.0
18/12/201713:30 Ffos, Alf n Dor (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.54.473rd-2.0
19/12/201712:20 Catt, Running In Heels (2pt W, Betfred 10)2Betfred100NR0.0
19/12/201714:30 Sout, Brigadoon (2pt W, PP 5)2PP54.583rd-2.0
20/12/201718:40 Kemp, Look Surprised (2pt W, BV 7.5)2BV7.58.87th-2.0
21/12/201715:00 Towc, Kayfleur (2pt W, PP 7)2PP78.142nd-2.0
23/12/201714:00 Newc, Catchthemoonlight (2pt W, Betfred 9)2Betfred9227th-2.0

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