February 2017 Results Update

Another excellent month with over 100% ROI.

Key highlights: February 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 71 points. This included winners at 12/1 and 8/1, 8/1 and 7/1.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
01/02/201716:20 Kemp, Lexington Times (2pt W, B365 6)2B36568.892nd-2.0
02/02/201714:20 Sout, The Lock Master (2pt W, Will Hill 21)2Will Hill2111.53rd-2.0
02/02/201716:35 Sout, Boots And Spurs (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6)2Ladbrokes64.794th-2.0
04/02/201712:25 Muss, Dear Sire (2pt W, B365 7)2B36578.376th-2.0
05/02/201716:10 Muss, Cup Final (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7.5)2Ladbrokes7.56.410th-2.0
06/02/201715:50 Wolv, Tilsworth Micky (2pt W, Will Hill 7.5)2Will Hill7.56.6PU-2.0
07/02/201713:30 Newc, Outlaw Torn (2pt W, Will Hill 8)2Will Hill813.26th-2.0
08/02/201720:20 Kemp, Masterfilly (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5.5)2Ladbrokes5.569th-2.0
09/02/201715:30 Donc, Three Ways (2pt W, Stan James 9)2Stan James95.481st16.0
09/02/201715:40 Ling, Par Three (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8)2Ladbrokes816.117th-2.0
11/02/201716:50 Ling, Silver Quay (2pt W, Will Hill 6)2Will Hill63.72nd-2.0
12/02/201715:20 Exet, Perfect Candidate (2pt W, Paddy Power 8)2Paddy Power815.251st14.0
12/02/201716:40 Sedg, Fresh By Nature (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8)2Ladbrokes88.6PU-2.0
13/02/201717:20 Wolv, Dream Ally (2pt W, BetVictor 5.5)2BetVictor5.53.93rd-2.0
13/02/201714:50 Wolv, Haraka (2pt W, BetVictor 4.33)2BetVictor4.333.44th-2.0
14/02/201715:50 Ayr, Trust Thomas (2pt W, Bet365 10)2Bet365108.44th-2.0
15/02/201715:20 Newc, Beyondtemptation (2pt W, BetVictor 7)2BetVictor73.681st12.0
16/02/201714:35 Leic, Crown Hill (2pt W, Betfair 7)2Betfair73.411st12.0
16/02/201717:00 Ling, Mercy Me (2pt W, B365 13)2B365138.82nd-2.0
17/02/201717:25 Newc, Handsome Dude (2pt W, B365 9)2B36596.41st16.0
18/02/201714:25 Asco, Virak (2pt W, SJ 9)2SJ97.25th-2.0
18/02/201713:40 Winc, Financial Climate (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.54.8PU-2.0
20/02/201716:00 Ling, Onderun (2pt W, Will Hill 10)2Will Hill106.655th-2.0
22/02/201715:25 Ling, Bishops Cannings (2pt W, B365 6)2B36564.692nd-2.0
23/02/201717:15 Chel, Nouvelle Ere (2pt W, PP 13)2PP1315.361st24.0
23/02/201716:40 Chel, Saved My Bacon (2pt W, Betfred 6)2Betfred60NR0.0
24/02/201715:25 Ling, State Residence (2pt W, Paddy Power 9)2Paddy Power99.66th-2.0
25/02/201716:50 Chep, Modeligo (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8.5)2Ladbrokes8.56.61st15.0
25/02/201716:25 Ling, Blue Surf (2pt W, B365 7)2B36576.232nd-2.0
26/02/201716:30 Font, Greyed A (2pt W, B365 4)2B36542.89PU-2.0
26/02/201716:10 Sout, Nobuttaboy (2pt W, SJ 6)2SJ66.196th-2.0
27/02/201716:35 Plum, Minella Gathering (2pt W, B365 5)2B36552.291st8.0

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