November 2016 Results Update

A great month.  This is about as good as it gets so don’t expect this every month.

Key highlights: November 2016

  • 70% of bets dropped in odds from when I posted (compared to BSP and excluding NRs).  Excellent value bets if you got on early enough.
  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced an amazing profit of 108 points. This included 18 winners with 10 of those winners being 4/1 or greater.  Overall strike rate of 41% is about as good as it is gets so enjoy and let’s hope there is more to come next month.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPTrend ProfitBack ProfitCombined Profit

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Trend ProfitBack Profit
01/11/201614:10 Redc, Enjoy Life (2pt W, Betfred 5.5)2Betfred5.55.41st0.09.0
01/11/201616:10 Redc, Sea Of Hope (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.55.811th-0.1-2.0
02/11/201618:55 Kemp, Kananee (2pt W, Will Hill 4.5)2Will Hill4.52.771st0.67.0
03/11/201613:05 Mark, Vivas (2pt W, B365 3.25)2B3653.252.321st0.44.5
03/11/201615:20 Mark, Bar De Ligne (2pt W, Coral 5)2Coral56.312nd-0.2-2.0
04/11/201615:30 Hexh, My Idea (2pt W, Will Hill 5.5)2Will Hill5.55.45th0.0-2.0
04/11/201616:00 Hexh, Solway Sam (2pt W, Will Hill 7)2Will Hill74.982nd0.3-2.0
05/11/201614:20 Kels, Un Noble (2pt W, Will Hill 5)2Will Hill57.09UR-0.3-2.0
05/11/201615:30 Kels, Bestwork (2pt W, Coral 4.5)2Coral4.53PU0.4-2.0
06/11/201612:50 Ffos, Southport (2pt W, B365 6)2B36564.952nd0.2-2.0
07/11/201613:10 Carl, Theatre Act (2pt W, B365 6)2B36564.61st0.310.0
07/11/201617:20 Newc, More Beau (2pt W, B365 7.5)2B3657.55.61st0.313.0
08/11/201615:00 Ling, Authorized Too (2pt W, Stan James 6)2Stan James62.431st1.410.0
08/11/201615:30 Ling, Eminent Poet (2pt W, Coral 11)2Coral110NR0.0
09/11/201612:50 Bang, Ballycoe (2pt W, Coral 6)2Coral65.24th0.1-2.0
09/11/201613:30 Exet, Mighty Leader (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4)2Ladbrokes42.92F0.3-2.0
10/11/201613:45 Towc, Iora Glas (2pt W, Coral 2.5)2Coral2.52.073rd0.2-2.0
10/11/201615:55 Sout, Sir Geoffrey (2pt W, Coral 9)2Coral90NR0.0
11/11/201613:20 Ling, Indulged (2pt W, Stan James 5)2Stan James52.551st0.98.0
12/11/201613:00 Font, Buachaill Alainn (2pt W, Boyles 11)2Boyles1117.975th-0.4-2.0
12/11/201615:10 Ling, Lady Lunchalot (2pt W, Will Hill 8)2Will Hill82.846th1.7-2.0
12/11/201615:25 Utto, Amantius (2pt W, B365 8)2B36585.142nd0.5-2.0
14/11/201616:00 Newc, Mon Beau Visage (2pt W, B365 7)2B36574.457th0.5-2.0
15/11/201514:25 Ling, Gerrards Fur Coat (2pt W, B365 17)2B36517205th-0.2-2.0
16/11/201613:00 Warw, Aces Over Eights (2pt W, Coral 6.5)2Coral6.59.285th-0.3-2.0
16/11/201616:05 Chep, One Cool Scorpion (2pt W, Coral 13)2Coral1310.58th0.2-2.0
17/11/201615:10 Mark, Foundation Man (2pt W, B365 8.5)2B3658.517.714th-0.5-2.0
17/11/201619:00 Chel, Curzon Line (2pt W, B365 6.5)2B3656.54.971st0.311.0
18/11/201616:15 Newc, Hotfill (2pt W, B365 6.5)2B3656.545th0.6-2.0
19/11/201615:00 Hayd, Silviniaco Conti (2pt W, Paddy Power 9)2Paddy Power98.314th0.0-2.0
19/11/201618:45 Wolv, Mythical Madness (2pt W, B365 8)2B36585.61st0.414.0
20/11/201616:00 Exet, Third Act (2pt W, Coral 7)2Coral74.141st0.612.0
21/11/201613:50 Chel, Booshbash (2pt W, Coral 6.5)2Coral6.55.41st0.211.0
21/11/201614:50 Ludl, Tornado In Milan (2pt W, Will Hill 5)2Will Hill52.231st1.28.0
22/11/201614:45 Sedg, Master Rajeem (2pt W, Ladbrokes 15)2Ladbrokes15112nd0.3-2.0
23/11/201613:00 Wolv, Princess Way (2pt W, B365 10)2B365105.364th0.8-2.0
23/11/201614:25 Weth, Aye Well (2pt W, B365 8.5)2B3658.54.41st0.915.0
24/11/201614:45 Towc, Money Maid (2pt W, Coral 3)2Coral32.624th0.1-2.0
24/11/201615:25 Taun, Lets Go Dutchess (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.52.321st0.97.0
25/11/201613:25 Donc, Royal Plaza (2pt W, Will Hill 3)2Will Hill30NR0.0
25/11/201619:15 Wolv, Pivotman (2pt W, Will Hill 9)2Will Hill96.32nd0.4-2.0
26/11/201612:00 Bang, Colins Brother (2pt W, B365 4)2B36542.191st0.86.0
28/11/201613:40 Ludl, Muckle Roe (2pt W, Stan James 5)2Stan James53.722nd0.3-2.0
28/11/201615:20 Newc, Sennockian Song (2pt W, Stan James 6)2Stan James67.515th-0.2-2.0
29/11/201615:00 Sout, Mrs Burbidge (2pt W, Stan James 4)2Stan James45.431st-0.36.0
29/11/201615:50 Newc, Alice Thornton (2pt W, Stan James 3.25)2Stan James3.253.21st0.04.5
30/11/201615:40 Ling, Dltripleseven (2pt W, 888 3.25)28883.252.311st0.44.5

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