October 2016 Results Update

Another solid month.

Key highlights: October 2016

  • 55% of bets dropped in odds from when I posted (compared to BSP and excluding NRs).
  • Straight back betting at advised odds produced a solid profit of 31.6 points. This included winners at  16/1, 13/2, 11/2, 5/1 and numerous smaller wins.  Overall strike rate of 22%.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPTrend ProfitBack ProfitCombined Profit

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Trend ProfitBack Profit
01/10/201614:50 Newm, Fourth Way (2pt W, Will Hill 12)2Will Hill1212.4912th-0.2-2.0
01/10/201619:40 Wolv, Nouvelli Dancer (2pt W, Coral 6.5)2Coral6.512.265th-1.0-2.0
02/10/201616:20 Hunt, Down Time (2pt W, B365 15)2B3651510.014th0.9-2.0
03/10/201615:00 Pont, Blair House (2pt W, Paddy Power 2.62)2Paddy Power2.623.551st-0.63.2
03/10/201614:40 Sout, St Johns Point (2pt W, Betway 7.5)2Betway7.55.25PU0.7-2.0
04/10/201618:10 Kemp, Carcharias (2pt W, Coral 11)2Coral116.033rd1.5-2.0
04/10/201619:40 Kemp, Cryptic (2pt W, Bet Victor 5)2Bet Victor52.961st1.38.0
05/10/201619:20 Kemp, Theydon Grey (2pt W, B365 6)2B365658th0.3-2.0
06/10/201620:25 Chel, Estrella Eria (2pt W, Paddy Power 6)2Paddy Power64.781st0.410.0
06/10/201617:15 Exet, Billy My Boy (2pt W, Paddy Power 6)2Paddy Power64.233rd0.7-2.0
07/10/201619:10 Newc, Briardale (2pt W, Betfred 11)2Betfred115.452nd1.9-2.0
07/10/201621:10 Newc, Rich Again (2pt W, Paddy Power 5.5)2Paddy Power5.54.34th0.5-2.0
08/10/201616:05 Hexh, Halcyon Days (2pt W, Will Hill 6)2Will Hill69.83rd-0.8-2.0
08/10/201617:40 Newc, Cavalieri (2pt W, Will Hill 17)2Will Hill1710.038th1.2-2.0
09/10/201614:15 Chep, Cliffs Of Dover (2pt W, Bet365 8.5)2Bet3658.50NR0.00.0
10/10/201617:40 Yarm, Vale Of Rock (2pt W, SkyBet 51)2SkyBet518.457th9.5-2.0
10/10/201616:10 Yarm, Iftitah (2pt W, Coral 3.5)2Coral3.50NR0.00.0
11/10/201616:55 Muss, Opt Out (2pt W, Coral 4.5)2Coral4.54.971st-0.37.0
11/10/201616:25 Muss, Showdaisy (2pt W, Will Hill 7.5)2Will Hill7.58.851st-0.413.0
12/10/201616:20 Nott, Orient Class (2pt W, Will Hill 7.5)2Will Hill7.56.22nd0.3-2.0
12/10/201616:35 Weth, Nautical Nitwit (2pt W, Betway 6.5)2Betway6.55.11st0.411.0
13/10/201614:10 Carl, Smart Ruler (2pt W, Coral 10)2Coral1010.666th-0.2-2.0
13/10/201620:20 Chel, Skylark Lady (2pt W, Paddy Power 7)2Paddy Power75.775th0.3-2.0
14/10/201614:40 Fake, Alyasan (2pt W, Coral 3)2Coral33.013rd-0.1-2.0
14/10/201615:00 Winc, Present Man (2pt W, Coral 3)2Coral32.531st0.34.0
15/10/201614:10 Mark, Pink Play (2pt W, Will Hill 4)2Will Hill43.85PU-0.0-2.0
15/10/201619:15 Wolv, Salmon Sushi (2pt W, Coral 10)2Coral10136th-0.5-2.0
16/10/201615:50 Newc, Replenish (2pt W, Paddy Power 7)2Paddy Power75.023rd0.7-2.0
17/10/201615:30 Plum, Executive Prince (2pt W, Bet365 10)2Bet365104.336th2.4-2.0
18/10/201621:10 Kemp, Straits Of Malacca (2pt W, Bet365 10)2Bet365108.393rd0.3-2.0
18/10/201615:30 Newc, Pearl Acclaim (2pt W, Bet365 6)2Bet36566.88th-0.3-2.0
19/10/201621:20 Kemp, Lobster Cocktail (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6)2Ladbrokes64.13rd0.8-2.0
19/10/201616:05 Worc, Nexius (2pt W, Will Hill 8)2Will Hill88.736th-0.2-2.0
20/10/201619:15 Chel, Perfect Alchemy (2pt W, Bet365 9)2Bet365910.56th-0.4-2.0
20/10/201615:30 Newt, Nachi Falls (2pt W, Bet365 3.25)2Bet3653.253.384th-0.1-2.0
22/10/201620:10 Chel, Work (2pt W, B365 2.87)2B3652.872.391st0.33.7
22/10/201617:05 Newb, Clear Water (2pt W, Betway 6)2Betway64.028th0.9-2.0
23/10/201614:25 Winc, Panis Angelicus (2pt W, Paddy Power 12)2Paddy Power120NR0.00.0
24/10/201615:35 Ayr, Oscatara (2pt W, Will Hill 4.33)2Will Hill4.334.566th-0.2-2.0
24/10/201616:10 Ayr, Bright Prospect (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.55.952nd-0.2-2.0
25/10/201619:30 Newc, Fire Diamond (2pt W, Paddy Power 7)2Paddy Power7103rd-0.7-2.0
25/10/201613:50 Catt, The Hooded Claw (2pt W, Bet365 9)2Bet365911.575th-0.5-2.0
26/10/201616:10 Fake, Daliance (2pt W, Coral 17)2Coral178.731st1.732.0
26/10/201615:50 Nott, Corpus Chorister (2pt W, Will Hill 19)2Will Hill199.82nd1.7-2.0
27/10/201621:10 Chel, Rosie Crowe (2pt W, B365 4.33)2B3654.335.41st-0.56.7
27/10/201617:20 Ling, Sexton Blake (2pt W, Coral 9)2Coral90NR0.00.0
28/10/201619:45 Newc, Alice Thornton (2pt W, Coral 6)2Coral66.6811th-0.3-2.0
28/10/201616:20 Utto, Noble Legend (2pt W, Will Hill 17)2Will Hill1710.446th1.1-2.0
29/10/201614:35 Ayr, Malin Bay (2pt W, B365 8)2B36585.24F0.9-2.0
29/10/201620:10 Chel, Permera (2pt W, B365 19)2B365196th-1.0-2.0
30/10/201615:15 Carl, Definitly Red (2pt W, Coral 4.5)2Coral4.51st0.17.0
31/10/201615:30 Here, Moulin Rouge (2pt W, Will Hill 5)2Will Hill56th0.8-2.0

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