June 2018 Results Update

June Flowers

Key highlights: June 2018

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 28 points.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
1/06/201819:25 Bath, Pastime (2pt W, Betbright 11)2Betbright11-NR0
1/06/201816:55 Catt, Thammin (2pt W, Coral 10)2Coral108.34th-2
4/06/201817:45 Wind, Rock Of Estonia (2pt W, Unibet 7.5)2Unibet7.58.34th-2
5/06/201819:25 Kilb, Running In Heels (2pt W, WH 7)2WH75.72nd-2
5/06/201820:45 Newc, Pilkington (2pt W, B365 9)2B36597.514th-2
6/06/201815:25 Nava, Griffyndor (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8.5)2Ladbrokes8.512.26th-2
6/06/201818:10 Weth, Ventura Bay (2pt W, B365 10)2B3651016.13rd-2
8/06/201817:10 Brig, Nutini (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.53.02nd-2
8/06/201815:20 Wolv, My Fantasea (2pt W, WH 6.5)2WH6.52.42nd-2
9/06/201814:20 Catt, Pearl Noir (2pt W, Sky 4.5)2Sky4.54.74th-2
9/06/201815:05 Newm, Rufus King (2pt W, PP 15)2PP1512.05th-2
10/06/201815:45 Good, Mancini (2pt W, Uni 7)2Uni74.11st12
11/06/201820:40 Pont, Highly Sprung (2pt W, WH 13)2WH1316.71st24
11/06/201817:50 Wind, Joegogo (2pt W, WH 9)2WH915.34th-2
12/06/201818:10 Sout, Vikekhal (2pt W, WH 13)2WH138.15th-2
13/06/201816:10 Hayd, Stonific (2pt W, 888 7)288874.96th-2
13/06/201818:50 Punc, Mullinavat (2pt W, BetfairSB 6.5)2BetfairSB6.57.13rd-2
14/06/201818:55 Hayd, Jabbarockie (2pt W, UniBet 6)2UniBet64.73rd-2
14/06/201820:25 Hayd, Punkawallah (2pt W, Ladbrokes 9)2Ladbrokes912.14th-2
15/06/201817:45 Aint, Mr Snoozy (2pt W, PP 9)2PP930.33rd-2
16/06/201813:45 Bath, Carvelas (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5.5)2Ladbrokes5.58.43rd-2
16/06/201817:30 Ches, Lorelina (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5.5)2Ladbrokes5.53.11st9
17/06/201817:25 Sali, Open Wide (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.53.81st9
17/06/201814:55 Sali, Font Vert (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.55.69th-2
18/06/201816:25 Carl, Kalagia (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5)2Ladbrokes54.02nd-2
18/06/201819:30 Wind, Six Strings (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5.5)2Ladbrokes5.53.69th-2
19/06/201814:55 Stra, Workbench (2pt W, Ladbrokes 15)2Ladbrokes1518.98th-2
19/06/201815:55 Thir, King Robert (2pt W, PP 11)2PP118.96th-2
20/06/201820:40 Chel, Dubai One (2pt W, Ladbrokes 9)2Ladbrokes916.35th-2
21/06/201817:10 Ripo, Racemaker (2pt W, B365 4.33)2B3654.333.92nd-2
21/06/201817:40 Ripo, Blue Havana (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.53.63rd-2
22/06/201814:30 Asco, Angels Hideaway (2pt W, Uni 17)2Uni1710.34th-2
23/06/201817:15 Redc, Aljady (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.54.01st7
24/06/201814:30 Pont, Bayshore Freeway (2pt W, BV 5)2BV55.01st8
25/06/201816:15 Sout, Cubswin (2pt W, Coral 5.5)2Coral5.57.71st9
26/06/201820:00 Newt, Danceintothelight (2pt W, BetB 7)2BetB79.45th-2
27/06/201816:30 Carl, Cavatina (2pt W, 888 8.5)28888.54.86th-2
27/06/201820:30 Naas, Saga Altais (2pt W, PP 17)2PP1716.02nd-2
28/06/201820:40 Hami, Marnie James (2pt W, BetB 9)2BetB93.41st16
28/06/201818:40 Leic, Arctic Sea (2pt W, BetB 11)2BetB116.94th-2
30/06/201816:05 Newm, Casement (2pt W, PP 6)2PP63.72nd-2
30/06/201817:00 York, Final (2pt W, PP 8)2PP85.43rd-2

August 2018 Results Update

Happy Face

Key highlights: August 2018

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 6 points.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
4/08/201816:25 Newm, Mistress Quickly (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7)2Ladbrokes75.92nd-2
4/08/201815:25 Thir, Whatsthemessage (2pt W, Ladbrokes 17)2Ladbrokes1719.813th-2
5/08/201817:00 Galw, Koshari (2pt W, WH 17)2WH17-NR0
6/08/201819:45 Carl, Dasheen (2pt W, 888 8.5)28888.511.18th-2
11/08/201819:35 Ayr, Royal Regent (2pt W, PP 12)2PP124.41st22
11/08/201820:35 Ayr, Braes Of Lochalsh (2pt W, Coral 13)2Coral139.62nd-2
12/08/201816:50 Leic, Faithful Promise (2pt W, PP 6)2PP63.77th-2
12/08/201815:10 Leic, Saving Grace (2pt W, Uni 6)2Uni63.65th-2
13/08/201818:40 Wolv, Krampus (2pt W, B365 23)2B36523305.97th-2
13/08/201820:40 Wolv, Corton Lad (2pt W, PP 8.5)2PP8.57.03rd-2

July 2018 Results Update

Summer field

Key highlights: July 2018

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a loss of 13 points.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
2/07/201820:45 Hami, Isabella (2pt W, BV 4.5)2BV4.52.92nd-2
2/07/201815:00 Pont, Rebel Assault (2pt W, B365 4)2B36544.66th-2
3/07/201819:45 Chep, Wild Dancer (2pt W, WH 5)2WH55.72nd-2
3/07/201819:30 Stra, Pearls Legend (2pt W, WH 5)2WH5-NR0
4/07/201821:10 Bath, Delirium (2pt W, WH 7)2WH75.23rd-2
4/07/201819:30 Bell, Poetic Light (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.33)2Ladbrokes4.332.35th-2
5/07/201820:25 Newb, Punkawallah (2pt W, PP 11)2PP118.29th-2
5/07/201814:40 Pert, Shanaway (2pt W, WH 11)2WH1111.04th-2
6/07/201820:50 Beve, Sienna Says (2pt W, B365 8.5)2B3658.5-NR0
6/07/201820:40 Chel, Something Lucky (2pt W, Betbright 8)2Betbright813.01st14
7/07/201816:45 Bell, Osco Mosco (2pt W, PP 8)2PP818.93rd-2
7/07/201815:45 Beve, Kalagia (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.54.42nd-2
8/07/201815:40 Lime, The Game Changer (2pt W, WH 6)2WH62.92nd-2
13/07/201817:10 Asco, Ode To Autumn (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.56.84th-2
13/07/201815:25 Asco, Star Of The East (2pt W, PP 8)2PP87.14th-2
14/07/201817:25 Ches, On A May Day (2pt W, WH 10)2WH1026.55th-2
14/07/201816:00 Newt, Rise Of An Empire (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.57.7PU-2
15/07/201815:45 Stra, Deadly Move (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.57.74th-2
16/07/201817:40 Wolv, Duggary (2pt W, PP 9)2PP913.85th-2
17/07/201816:50 Chel, Glory Awaits (2pt W, WH 5.5)2WH5.57.41st9
19/07/201815:25 Kill, Park Paddocks (2pt W, PP 6)2PP613.5F-2
19/07/201818:55 Donc, No Lippy (2pt W, PP 7)2PP77.02nd-2
21/07/201815:10 Curr, Kailee (2pt W, 888 5.5)28885.53.52nd-2
21/07/201815:45 Curr, Ice Age (2pt W, PP 9)2PP98.612th-2
22/07/201814:25 Newt, Our Three Sons (2pt W, PP 9)2PP9-NR0
22/07/201815:20 Stra, King Alfonso (2pt W, Ladbrokes 17)2Ladbrokes1713.03rd-2
24/07/201818:10 Chel, Stosur (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8)2Ladbrokes89.14th-2
24/07/201814:20 Muss, Song Of Summer (2pt W, PP 8.5)2PP8.59.85th-2
25/07/201820:30 Sand, Rolling Maul (2pt W, B365 7)2B36577.14th-2
28/07/201817:10 Newm, Shamshon (2pt W, Ladbrokes 9)2Ladbrokes95.01st16
28/07/201818:45 Sali, Roundabout Magic (2pt W, Ladbrokes 9)2Ladbrokes9-NR0
29/07/201815:55 Wolv, Dr Richard Kimble (2pt W, PP 9)2PP917.04th-2
30/07/201821:00 Wolv, Admiral Spice (2pt W, B365 9)2B36596.65th-2

May 2018 Results Update

May Solitude

Key highlights: May 2018

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a loss of 8 points.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
1/05/201819:55 Newc, Archipeligo (2pt W, B365 13)2B365138.810th-2.0
3/05/201814:00 Ling, Attain (2pt W, PP 7)2PP710.944th-2.0
3/05/201815:50 Sout, Florencio (2pt W, PP 4.5)2PP4.52.191st7.0
4/05/201814:10 Muss, Josiebond (2pt W, WH 11)2WH11186th-2.0
4/05/201816:00 Chep, Lope De Loop (2pt W, Sky 4.33)2Sky4.332.944th-2.0
5/05/201813:30 Cork, Comhghairdeas (2pt W, BV 7)2BV75.644th-2.0
5/05/201817:00 Good, Hidden Affair (2pt W, PP 8.5)2PP8.56.81st15.0
6/05/201814:30 Dund, Masalai (2pt W, B365 6.5)2B3656.56.86th-2.0
6/05/201815:40 Dund, Alfirak (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.50NR0.0
7/05/201814:10 Naas, Pride Of Pimlico (2pt W, WH 5.5)2WH5.512.55th-2.0
8/05/201819:30 Ludl, Samsons Reach (2pt W, Sky 7.5)2Sky7.58.053rd-2.0
9/05/201816:35 Ches, Mr Top Hat (2pt W, WH 9)2WH99.352nd-2.0
9/05/201817:45 Font, Royals And Rebels (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.54.61st9.0
10/05/201816:55 Worc, Notnow Seamus (2pt W, B365 6)2B36560NR0.0
10/05/201817:05 Ches, Abareeq (2pt W, B365 12)2B365128.684th-2.0
11/05/201820:00 Ripo, Question Of Faith (2pt W, WH 8.5)2WH8.57.826th-2.0
12/05/201816:05 Hexh, Quest For Life (2pt W, PP 6)2PP63.791st10.0
12/05/201816:40 Hexh, Fly Home Harry (2pt W, WH 15)2WH15224th-2.0
14/05/201817:00 Wolv, Spryt (2pt W, Sky 9)2Sky93.863rd-2.0
15/05/201819:50 Chep, Miss Inga Sock (2pt W, Ladbrokes 9)2Ladbrokes95.915th-2.0
16/05/201819:25 Bath, See The Sea (2pt W, B365 6)2B36564.27th-2.0
16/05/201820:35 Pert, Mill Forge (2pt W, B365 5)2B36553.342nd-2.0
17/05/201817:50 Pert, Traditional Dancer (2pt W, PP 4.33)2PP4.332.871st6.7
17/05/201820:35 Newm, Rogue (2pt W, Ladbrokes 11)2Ladbrokes11126th-2.0
18/05/201815:05 Newb, Ravenous (2pt W, BV 15)2BV1512.747th-2.0
18/05/201819:45 Aint, Bulls Head (2pt W, Ladbrokes 17)2Ladbrokes1755.159th-2.0
20/05/201816:00 Ripo, Rebel Assault (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7.5)2Ladbrokes7.56.88th-2.0
21/05/201819:15 Wind, Di Alta (2pt W, PP 7.5)2PP7.53.212nd-2.0
22/05/201815:45 Chep, Prestbury Park (2pt W, PP 4)2PP43.34th-2.0
25/05/201820:30 Pont, Savannah Moon (2pt W, PP 4.5)2PP4.55.97th-2.0
26/05/201816:20 Good, Top Tug (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6.5)2Ladbrokes6.54.782nd-2.0
26/05/201817:15 Ches, Fast Dancer (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7)2Ladbrokes745th-2.0
27/05/201817:45 Font, Searching (2pt W, PP 8.5)2PP8.50NR0.0
28/05/201816:05 Leic, Amourice (2pt W, PP 6)2PP65.465th-2.0
28/05/201817:05 Cart, Brave Spartacus (2pt W, Coral 7)2Coral76.43rd-2.0
29/05/201820:20 Brig, Fintech (2pt W, B365 13)2B365134.752nd-2.0
31/05/201815:20 Wolv, Secratario (2pt W, WH 6)2WH60NR0.0

April 2018 Results Update

April Flowers

Key highlights: April 2018

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 7 points.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
7/04/201815:05 Utto, Billy Hicks (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5)2Ladbrokes52.935th-2.0
7/04/201820:45 Wolv, Ebbisham (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6.5)2Ladbrokes6.50NR0.0
8/04/201815:10 Exet, Major Hindrance (2pt W, WH 5)2WH54.265th-2.0
9/04/201815:15 Winc, Jammin Masters (2pt W, 888 6)288865.31st10.0
9/04/201816:45 Kemp, Molly Childers (2pt W, WH 7.5)2WH7.54.52nd-2.0
10/04/201814:10 Here, Shes Gina (2pt W, PP 4.5)2PP4.53.777th-2.0
10/04/201814:30 Sout, Riddlestown (2pt W, B365 8)2B36580NR0.0
11/04/201818:00 Dund, Skitter Scatter (2pt W, B365 5)2B36557.31st8.0
12/04/201815:00 Sout, Pearl Acclaim (2pt W, Coral 11)2Coral1110.653rd-2.0
12/04/201820:45 Chel, Deadly Reel (2pt W, WH 9)2WH910.462nd-2.0
13/04/201819:45 Kemp, Black Sails (2pt W, Coral 8)2Coral815.56th-2.0
14/04/201814:15 Chep, Heluvagood (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.54.82nd-2.0
14/04/201817:40 Ling, Presence Process (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.53.821st9.0
15/04/201814:55 Tram, Glendine River (2pt W, Coral 11)2Coral1117.461st20.0
15/04/201815:55 Plum, Leo Luna (2pt W, Coral 5.5)2Coral5.54.76th-2.0
16/04/201814:20 Wind, Marietta Robusti (2pt W, B365 7)2B36574.931st12.0
17/04/201815:00 Newm, Ynys Mon (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7)2Ladbrokes78.462nd-2.0
17/04/201816:20 Exet, LAuberge Du Bois (2pt W, WH 6.5)2WH6.50NR0.0
18/04/201818:15 Kemp, Reverberation (2pt W, WH 6)2WH63.37th-2.0
18/04/201821:00 Dund, Its All A Joke (2pt W, WH 5)2WH53.652nd-2.0
19/04/201814:50 Ripo, Shes Different (2pt W, WH 5.5)2WH5.50NR0.0
19/04/201818:40 Newc, Shrewd Approach (2pt W, WH 13)2WH136.818th-2.0
20/04/201819:45 Bath, Monumental Man (2pt W, B365 8)2B365811.053rd-2.0
21/04/201815:05 Thir, Commander Cole (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6.5)2Ladbrokes6.54.574th-2.0
21/04/201817:55 Thir, Hadley (2pt W, Ladbrokes 13)2Ladbrokes137.92nd-2.0
22/04/201817:30 Winc, Building Futures (2pt W, Unibet 29)2Unibet2953.469th-2.0
23/04/201813:30 Newt, Iniesta (2pt W, Coral 5.5)2Coral5.56.952nd-2.0
23/04/201815:10 Pont, Atletico (2pt W, Unibet 5)2Unibet56.211th-2.0
24/04/201816:25 Exet, Trojan Star (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6.5)2Ladbrokes6.57.87th-2.0
24/04/201817:25 Brig, Sayesse (2pt W, Betbright 7.5)2Betbright7.56.682nd-2.0
25/04/201815:45 Pert, Late Date (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6)2Ladbrokes66.65th-2.0
25/04/201818:55 Ling, Chevallier (2pt W, Betbright 9)2Betbright910.624th-2.0
26/04/201816:25 Warw, Morney Wing (2pt W, PP 6)2PP66.186th-2.0
26/04/201820:05 Chel, Lucymai (2pt W, Betbright 9)2Betbright95.842nd-2.0
27/04/201815:55 Donc, Humble Gratitude (2pt W, PP 7)2PP74.645th-2.0
28/04/201816:15 Hayd, Fire Brigade (2pt W, PP 7)2PP75.442nd-2.0
29/04/201816:15 Sali, Moabit (2pt W, Coral 4)2Coral43.811st6.0
30/04/201817:20 Sout, Mimram (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.56.422nd-2.0
30/04/201818:10 Wind, Impart (2pt W, PP 10)2PP1015.656th-2.0

March 2018 Results Update

March Long Winter

Key highlights: March 2018

  • Worst month to date by a mile.
  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a loss of 45 points.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
1/03/201821:00 Kemp, Locommotion (2pt W, B365 7)2B36570NR0.0
3/03/201817:30 Newc, Inniscastle Lad (2pt W, PP 11)2PP114.133rd-2.0
4/03/201814:15 Sout, Roys Legacy (2pt W, B365 6)2B36560NR0.0
5/03/201816:15 Ling, Albertos Dream (2pt W, B365 3.5)2B3653.52.71st5.0
6/03/201816:20 Sout, Storm King (2pt W, Sky 23)2Sky2321.188th-2.0
7/03/201815:00 Ling, Marietta Robusti (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.55.382nd-2.0
7/03/201820:10 Kemp, Strategic Heights (2pt W, B365 5)2B36553.51st8.0
8/03/201814:00 Sout, Stealth (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.54.993rd-2.0
8/03/201814:20 Carl, Frightened Rabbit (2pt W, PP 7)2PP713.73UR-2.0
9/03/201813:50 Ayr, Booyakasha (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.5)2Ladbrokes4.52.696th-2.0
9/03/201815:15 Leic, Bajardo (2pt W, PP 4)2PP463rd-2.0
10/03/201814:50 Here, Flashjack (2pt W, PP 6)2PP671st10.0
10/03/201815:20 Ayr, Ubaltique (2pt W, B365 6)2B36565.954th-2.0
11/03/201815:35 Mark, The Ogle Gogle Man (2pt W, Betfred 6.5)2Betfred6.54.53rd-2.0
12/03/201819:45 Chel, Angel Of The South (2pt W, PP 8)2PP85.92nd-2.0
13/03/201813:30 Chel, Debuchet (2pt W, WH 34)2WH3422.579th-2.0
13/03/201814:25 Sout, Epitaph (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.55.392nd-2.0
14/03/201815:45 Hunt, Chilli Romance (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.56.218th-2.0
14/03/201816:10 Chel, The Last Samuri (2pt W, B365 6.5)2B3656.54.23rd-2.0
15/03/201813:30 Chel, Terrefort (2pt W, WH 4.5)2WH4.54.772nd-2.0
15/03/201815:45 Hexh, Point The Way (2pt W, Coral 4.5)2Coral4.53.66UR-2.0
16/03/201814:10 Chel, Whiskey Sour (2pt W, Coral 13)2Coral138.573rd-2.0
16/03/201814:20 Ling, Yabass (2pt W, PP 3.75)2PP3.7532nd-2.0
17/03/201814:15 Font, Rothman (2pt W, PP 4.33)2PP4.333.312nd-2.0
17/03/201817:10 Font, Shoofly Milly (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.53.653rd-2.0
18/03/201815:40 Carl, Blakemount (2pt W, WH 4.33)2WH4.330NR0.0
18/03/201817:15 Lime, Paper Lantern (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4)2Ladbrokes40NR0.0
19/03/201814:20 Ling, Masquerade Bling (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.50NR0.0
20/03/201815:15 Clon, Back Bar (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6)2Ladbrokes62.941st10.0
20/03/201816:45 Weth, Christmas In Usa (2pt W, PP 5)2PP55.846th-2.0
21/03/201816:20 Hayd, Whiskey Chaser (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.58.683rd-2.0
21/03/201820:45 Kemp, New Rich (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.55.933rd-2.0
22/03/201819:45 Chel, Kodiac Express (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.515.232nd-2.0
22/03/201820:15 Chel, Temeraire (2pt W, Coral 4.33)2Coral4.330NR0.0
23/03/201816:20 Ling, Mercers Troop (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.55.423rd-2.0
23/03/201821:00 Dund, Specific Gravity (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.55.465th-2.0
24/03/201814:40 Newb, Ulysses (2pt W, WH 11)2WH118.885th-2.0
24/03/201815:25 Bang, Carnspindle (2pt W, WH 6)2WH66.48th-2.0
25/03/201816:00 Carl, Derintoher Yank (2pt W, B365 3.75)2B3653.753.244th-2.0
25/03/201816:45 Donc, Shamrokh (2pt W, Coral 11)2Coral11248th-2.0
26/03/201814:50 Taun, Zen Master (2pt W, Coral 7)2Coral76.682nd-2.0
26/03/201815:15 Mark, Spader (2pt W, Ladbrokes 17)2Ladbrokes1729.17th-2.0
27/03/201818:10 Newc, Sam Missile (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5)2Ladbrokes543rd-2.0
28/03/201816:55 Warw, Mahlervous (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.56.672nd-2.0
28/03/201820:15 Newc, Paparazzi (2pt W, WH 9)2WH99.723rd-2.0
29/03/201816:45 Weth, Goodtoknow (2pt W, Coral 6)2Coral65.22nd-2.0
30/03/201813:40 Newc, Captain Lars (2pt W, Coral 5.5)2Coral5.58.89th-2.0
31/03/201814:50 Carl, Our Valentina (2pt W, PP 9)2PP97.52nd-2.0
31/03/201815:50 Hayd, Coillte Lass (2pt W, PP 17)2PP1719.58th-2.0

February 2018 Results Update

February winter

Key highlights: February 2018

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 12 points.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
1/02/201816:00 Towc, Mr Bachster (2pt W, B365 10)2B365108.684th-2.0
2/02/201814:35 Ling, Craving (2pt W, PP 5)2PP52.962nd-2.0
3/02/201812:50 Ling, Austin Powers (2pt W, PP 9)2PP90NR0.0
3/02/201814:00 Ling, Kachy (2pt W, WH 4)2WH42.581st6.0
5/02/201818:45 Wolv, Indian Red (2pt W, PP 5)2PP52.556th-2.0
6/02/201813:40 Sedg, Ange Des Malberaux (2pt W, B365 5)2B36550NR0.0
6/02/201815:15 Sedg, Kilronan Castle (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5.5)2Ladbrokes5.50NR0.0
7/02/201819:25 Wolv, Ravenhoe (2pt W, PP 5)2PP57.22nd-2.0
7/02/201820:25 Wolv, Roundabout Magic (2pt W, WH 7.5)2WH7.57.886th-2.0
8/02/201815:20 Hunt, Zayfire Aramis (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7.5)2Ladbrokes7.5113rd-2.0
9/02/201816:45 Chel, Luv U Whatever (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.54.031st9.0
14/02/201820:15 Wolv, Our Man In Havana (2pt W, PP 8)2PP83.455th-2.0
15/02/201815:35 Kels, Mac N Cheese (2pt W, SJ 10)2SJ104.71st18.0
15/02/201816:20 Font, Turban (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.58.25th-2.0
16/02/201816:25 Fake, Pride Of Parish (2pt W, BV 8)2BV810.06F-2.0
18/02/201815:15 Mark, Whatzdjazz (2pt W, B365 17)2B36517195th-2.0
19/02/201816:05 Carl, Pinch Of Ginger (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7)2Ladbrokes79.184th-2.0
20/02/201815:35 Weth, Caraline (2pt W, SJ 9)2SJ96.82nd-2.0
21/02/201816:05 Ludl, Spiders Bite (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.53.671st11.0
22/02/201817:55 Chel, Roys Legacy (2pt W, PP 5)2PP59.524th-2.0
22/02/201821:00 Chel, Tellovoi (2pt W, B365 7)2B36574.163rd-2.0
24/02/201813:35 Newc, Jesse Jude (2pt W, PP 67)2PP6749.048th-2.0
26/02/201817:15 Plum, Port Royale (2pt W, PP 21)2PP217.748th-2.0
28/02/201814:15 Wolv, Babette (2pt W, B365 8.5)2B3658.50NR0.0

January 2018 Results Update

January wilderness

Key highlights: January 2018

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 19 points.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
8/01/201813:15 Font, Tierra Verde (2pt W, WH 6.5)2WH6.57.65th-2.0
9/01/201815:40 Donc, Amberjam (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7)2Ladbrokes711.422nd-2.0
11/01/201813:55 Newc, Gabrials Star (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.5133rd-2.0
11/01/201814:20 Leic, Banjo Girl (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.33)2Ladbrokes4.334.482nd-2.0
12/01/201819:15 Newc, Tommy G (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5.5)2Ladbrokes5.56.554th-2.0
13/01/201813:30 Kemp, Exitas (2pt W, Coral 13)2Coral130NR0.0
13/01/201814:50 Weth, Jaleo (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.55.96th-2.0
16/01/201819:40 Kemp, Iley Boy (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.53.31st9.0
17/01/201814:25 Newb, Tree Of Liberty (2pt W, PP 4.33)2PP4.333.882nd-2.0
18/01/201815:10 Ludl, Now Ben (2pt W, PP 6)2PP60NR0.0
19/01/201820:45 Newc, Star Cracker (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.54.353rd-2.0
20/01/201815:45 Hayd, Azzuri (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.512.084th-2.0
24/01/201818:45 Kemp, Happy Escape (2pt W, PP 6)2PP67.41st10.0
24/01/201819:45 Kemp, Deeleys Double (2pt W, PP 6)2PP63.495th-2.0
25/01/201817:55 Chel, Outlaw Torn (2pt W, PP 6)2PP67.141st10.0
25/01/201820:00 Chel, Samphire Coast (2pt W, WH 5)2WH54.811st8.0
26/01/201815:40 Donc, Peppay Le Pugh (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.55.72nd-2.0
27/01/201813:50 Chel, O O Seven (2pt W, PP 12)2PP129.485th-2.0
27/01/201814:25 Chel, American (2pt W, PP 6)2PP66.672nd-2.0
29/01/201816:25 Plum, Argyle (2pt W, WH 7)2WH78.51st12.0
30/01/201816:05 Newc, Modulus (2pt W, PP 7.5)2PP7.575th-2.0
31/01/201816:20 Ayr, Sporting Press (2pt W, Betfred 4)2Betfred42.913rd-2.0