September 2017 Results Update

September Autumn

Another great month to add onto Augusts 79.5 point profit.  Overall a 66 point profit and an 80% ROI.

Key highlights: September 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 66 points.
  • Another nice 20/1 winner was the star for the month.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
01/09/201717:10 Thir, Golden Guest (2pt W, Betfred 6)2Betfred63.28th-2.0
02/09/201717:05 Ches, La Vie En Rose (2pt W, PP 7)2PP77.04th-2.0
02/09/201714:45 Ches, Love Dreams (2pt W, B365 13)2B3651311.06th-2.0
04/09/201716:30 Brig, With Approval (2pt W, Will Hill 7)2Will Hill74.31st12.0
04/09/201715:00 Brig, Haveoneyerself (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.5)2Ladbrokes4.5-NR0.0
05/09/201716:10 Hami, Souls In The Wind (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6.5)2Ladbrokes6.518.11st11.0
06/09/201717:20 Kemp, Chetan (2pt W, PP 9)2PP93.21st16.0
06/09/201716:10 Chep, Quantum Dot (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.59.46th-2.0
07/09/201719:10 Chel, Lord Of The Storm (2pt W, Coral 9)2Coral910.34th-2.0
07/09/201716:35 Hayd, Galapiat (2pt W, BV 9)2BV99.28th-2.0
08/09/201714:15 Newc, Hallstatt (2pt W, Ladbrokes 17)2Ladbrokes1721.21st32.0
08/09/201716:00 Newc, Major Rowan (2pt W, Ladbrokes 15)2Ladbrokes1528.04th-2.0
09/09/201716:45 Hayd, Joshua Reynolds (2pt W, Sky 6)2Sky64.37th-2.0
09/09/201715:50 Kemp, We Are The World (2pt W, Will Hill 5.5)2Will Hill5.55.86th-2.0
10/09/201713:55 York, Art Echo (2pt W, BV 17)2BV1716.411th-2.0
11/09/201715:25 Brig, Field of Vision (2pt W, B365 9)2B36597.05th-2.0
11/09/201716:45 Newt, Hongkong Adventure (2pt W, WH 5)2WH53.14th-2.0
12/09/201720:15 Newc, Tailors Row (2pt W, WH 21)2WH219.28th-2.0
13/09/201717:40 Carl, Eyreborn (2pt W, B365 6.5)2B3656.57.85th-2.0
14/09/201719:10 Hexh, Bescot Springs (2pt W, PP 9)2PP914.38th-2.0
15/09/201715:00 Donc, Time To Study (2pt W, PP 4.5)2PP4.52.51st7.0
16/09/201716:15 Ling, Beck And Call (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.55.32nd-2.0
16/09/201716:40 Muss, Everything For You (2pt W, B365 8.5)2B3658.54.84th-2.0
17/09/201714:00 Ffos, Give Em A Clump (2pt W, PP 6)2PP64.11st10.0
17/09/201715:00 Ffos, Misu Pete (2pt W, B365 11)2B365119.25th-2.0
18/09/201716:45 Brig, Andalusite (2pt W, PP 21)2PP2115.91st40.0
18/09/201716:25 Carl, Flyboy (2pt W, B365 8)2B36587.22nd-2.0
19/09/201715:15 Chep, Plant Pot Power (2pt W, B365 6.5)2B3656.54.24th-2.0
20/09/201716:15 Sand, Rakes Progress (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.5-NR0.0
22/09/201718:15 Newc, Chauvelin (2pt W, PP 15)2PP1515.04th-2.0
22/09/201719:45 Newc, Leeshaan (2pt W, PP 10)2PP105.36th-2.0
23/09/201717:55 Catt, Bernies Boy (2pt W, B365 5)2B36554.04th-2.0
23/09/201720:10 Wolv, Mister Bob (2pt W, B365 9)2B365913.58th-2.0
25/09/201717:35 Kemp, Tailors Row (2pt W, B365 10)2B365108.412th-2.0
25/09/201714:00 Leic, Misty Spirit (2pt W, B365 10)2B36510-NR0.0
26/09/201720:40 Chel, Annie Salts (2pt W, B365 9)2B36598.23rd-2.0
26/09/201715:40 Ling, Blessed To Empress (2pt W, B365 8)2B36586.47th-2.0
27/09/201720:40 Kemp, Bush House (2pt W, PP 7)2PP75.13rd-2.0
28/09/201717:40 Pert, Karingo (2pt W, B365 8)2B365813.5PU-2.0
28/09/201716:40 Pont, Star Of Rory (2pt W, Coral 5.5)2Coral5.55.08th-2.0
29/09/201720:15 Newc, Gun Case (2pt W, PP 9)2PP94.32nd-2.0

August 2017 Results Update

August Summer

After a slow summer we’re firing on all cylinders again with a 79.5 point profit and a 79% ROI.

Key highlights: August 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 79.5 points.
  • A nice 20/1 winner was the star for the month.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
01/08/201715:45 Beve, Foxy Boy (2pt W, PP 3.5)2PP3.54.23rd-2.0
01/08/201717:00 Yarm, Victory Angel (2pt W, PP 4.33)2PP4.335.91st6.7
02/08/201718:20 Sand, Blessed To Empress (2pt W, PP 17)2PP17-NR0.0
02/08/201719:55 Sand, Gilded Reflection (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.56.94th-2.0
03/08/201720:15 Ffos, St Marys (2pt W, WH 4.33)2WH4.333.02nd-2.0
03/08/201715:55 Nott, Hidden Oasis (2pt W, PP 7.5)2PP7.55.66th-2.0
04/08/201720:50 Muss, Culloden (2pt W, B365 3.25)2B3653.253.51st4.5
04/08/201719:30 Newm, Mountain Rescue (2pt W, PP 4.33)2PP4.334.21st6.7
05/08/201719:00 Hami, Kinglami (2pt W, PP 5)2PP54.34th-2.0
05/08/201714:50 Thir, Whatsthemessage (2pt W, PP 9)2PP95.71st16.0
06/08/201715:40 Ches, Michele Strogoff (2pt W, B365 13)2B365136.87th-2.0
07/08/201719:30 Carl, Kenstone (2pt W, B365 5)2B36557.32nd-2.0
08/08/201718:50 Chel, Tumbaga (2pt W, PP 8.5)2PP8.54.98th-2.0
08/08/201716:30 Leic, Peach Melba (2pt W, PP 5)2PP52.71st8.0
09/08/201716:40 Pont, Chiswick Bey (2pt W, B365 7.5)2B3657.54.43rd-2.0
09/08/201719:15 Yarm, Cool Breeze (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.33)2Ladbrokes4.334.15th-2.0
10/08/201714:30 Brig, The Big Lad (2pt W, B365 8.5)2B3658.53.43rd-2.0
10/08/201717:10 Yarm, Flying Fantasy (2pt W, PP 21)2PP215.11st40.0
11/08/201720:10 Newm, Major Pusey (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.52.92nd-2.0
11/08/201714:20 Wolv, Bogsnog (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6)2Ladbrokes64.31st10.0
12/08/201719:50 Ayr, Broadway Dreams (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6)2Ladbrokes6-NR0.0
14/08/201714:15 Ayr, Magic Journey (2pt W, B365 4.33)2B3654.334.24th-2.0
14/08/201717:40 Wind, Flowing Clarets (2pt W, PP 4.33)2PP4.33-NR0.0
15/08/201717:15 Ffos, Music Lesson (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.5-NR0.0
16/08/201720:40 Kemp, Ower Fly (2pt W, B365 7.5)2B3657.512.52nd-2.0
17/08/201720:15 Chep, Gold Hunter (2pt W, B365 9)2B3659-NR0.0
18/08/201719:25 Newm, Time To Sea (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.53.53rd-2.0
18/08/201717:50 Newm, Cosmic Chatter (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.58.96th-2.0
19/08/201715:40 Donc, Soie Dleau (2pt W, SJ 6.5)2SJ6.55.83rd-2.0
19/08/201716:10 Donc, Masham Star (2pt W, B365 6)2B36564.37th-2.0
20/08/201717:40 Pont, Highly Sprung (2pt W, B365 7)2B36576.58th-2.0
21/08/201714:30 Ling, Pete So High (2pt W, B365 6.5)2B3656.52.21st11.0
22/08/201715:00 Brig, Hallingham (2pt W, PP 5)2PP55.25th-2.0
22/08/201714:00 Brig, Sandfrankskipsgo (2pt W, Will Hill 4.5)2Will Hill4.5-NR0.0
23/08/201714:40 Carl, Yes You (2pt W, Will Hill 6)2Will Hill63.81st10.0
23/08/201715:15 Carl, Show Palace (2pt W, Coral 5)2Coral56.67th-2.0
24/08/201717:15 Chep, Sparte Quercus (2pt W, Will Hill 10)2Will Hill108.02nd-2.0
24/08/201716:25 Stra, Ravens Hill (2pt W, B365 5)2B36554.33rd-2.0
25/08/201718:15 Good, She Believes (2pt W, B365 6)2B36564.51st10.0
26/08/201716:30 Good, Mountain Hunter (2pt W, B365 4.33)2B3654.337.31st6.7
26/08/201715:20 Good, Oh This Is Us (2pt W, B365 17)2B365179.44th-2.0
27/08/201716:15 Beve, Rinaria (2pt W, PP 8)2PP86.21st14.0
27/08/201715:20 Good, Frontispiece (2pt W, B365 5)2B36553.67th-2.0
28/08/201716:35 Chep, Incredible Dream (2pt W, Will Hill 7)2Will Hill74.63rd-2.0
28/08/201712:30 Sout, Padleyourowncanoe (2pt W, Betfred 9)2Betfred95.4UR-2.0
29/08/201716:45 Carl, Lucky Lucky Man (2pt W, Will Hill 6.5)2Will Hill6.56.62nd-2.0
30/08/201720:55 Kemp, See You Mush (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.54.32nd-2.0
30/08/201717:35 Worc, Shantou Tiger (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.56.24th-2.0
31/08/201716:20 Chel, First Summer (2pt W, PP 10)2PP109.07th-2.0
31/08/201717:10 Muss, Lady Joanna Vassa (2pt W, Will Hill 6.5)2Will Hill6.58.27th-2.0

July 2017 Results Update

July Summer

Key highlights: July 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 9 points.
  • A nice 12/1 winner and a couple of 9/1 winners helped turn a small profit.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
01/07/201716:00 Ches, Cotinga (2pt W, Will Hill 5)2Will Hill54.26th-2.0
01/07/201717:10 Ches, Gabrials Star (2pt W, B365 5)2B36554.74th-2.0
02/07/201714:10 Wind, Quench Dolly (2pt W, Betfred 8)2Betfred86.82nd-2.0
03/07/201718:15 Hami, Kinglami (2pt W, B365 5)2B36554.73rd-2.0
03/07/201715:45 Wolv, Voski (2pt W, PP 7)2PP74.06th-2.0
04/07/201720:20 Stra, Always Archie (2pt W, PP 21)2PP2110.42nd-2.0
05/07/201718:30 Bath, Silverrica (2pt W, PP 10)2PP109.07th-2.0
05/07/201716:10 Pert, Tangolan (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6.5)2Ladbrokes6.53.84th-2.0
06/07/201716:00 Hayd, Manners Please (2pt W, Coral 6.5)2Coral6.56.82nd-2.0
07/07/201719:10 Beve, Proud Archi (2pt W, B365 5)2B36554.14th-2.0
09/07/201713:50 Mark, Sam Noir (2pt W, PP 5)2PP53.23rd-2.0
10/07/201717:30 Ayr, Yes You (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.53.93rd-2.0
11/07/201717:10 Pont, Canberra Cliffs (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5)2Ladbrokes53.52nd-2.0
12/07/201716:30 Catt, Tenzing Norgay (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.510.93rd-2.0
13/07/201718:05 Epso, Celestation (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.53.53rd-2.0
14/07/201715:45 York, Novoman (2pt W, PP 12)2PP125.21st22.0
15/07/201715:50 Asco, Hathal (2pt W, PP 13)2PP138.33rd-2.0
15/07/201717:35 Asco, My Dad Syd (2pt W, B365 7)2B36575.72nd-2.0
16/07/201716:10 Pert, Notarfbad (2pt W, Will Hill 13)2Will Hill1316.03rd-2.0
17/07/201720:20 Wind, Celebration Day (2pt W, PP 10)2PP103.51st18.0
18/07/201716:45 Beve, Big Time Dancer (2pt W, Coral 8)2Coral85.75th-2.0
19/07/201716:10 Utto, Mccabe Creek (2pt W, B365 8)2B36587.24th-2.0
19/07/201720:20 Yarm, Sadieroseclifford (2pt W, PP 7.5)2PP7.56.711th-2.0
20/07/201720:40 Epso, Pinnata (2pt W, Will Hill 5.5)2Will Hill5.55.18th-2.0
20/07/201717:30 Leic, Elusivity (2pt W, B365 10)2B3651013.06th-2.0
22/07/201715:30 Ripo, Prying Pandora (2pt W, PP 8.5)2PP8.516.46th-2.0
24/07/201714:30 Ayr, Circuitous (2pt W, B365 8)2B365810.96th-2.0
24/07/201716:10 Ayr, Royal Icon (2pt W, B365 8.5)2B3658.510.09th-2.0
25/07/201717:00 Ffos, Secret Asset (2pt W, B365 8.5)2B3658.58.210th-2.0
25/07/201717:30 Ffos, The Daley Express (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.33)2Ladbrokes4.335.01st6.7
26/07/201716:40 Bath, Kiruna Peak (2pt W, B365 6.5)2B3656.54.82nd-2.0
26/07/201715:20 Ling, Glory Awaits (2pt W, B365 13)2B3651313.52nd-2.0
27/07/201720:55 Donc, Four Wishes (2pt W, PP 7)2PP76.911th-2.0
27/07/201717:15 Sand, Jay Kay (2pt W, PP 9)2PP94.64th-2.0
28/07/201719:50 Chep, Kinglami (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7)2Ladbrokes77.41st12.0
29/07/201714:25 Asco, Dbai (2pt W, Boyles 10)2Boyles1010.31st18.0
29/07/201717:35 York, John Kirkup (2pt W, PP 7.5)2PP7.5-NR0.0
30/07/201714:30 Pont, Mysterial (2pt W, B365 22)2B3652227.95th-2.0
31/07/201715:00 Ayr, Tor (2pt W, PP 6)2PP63.42nd-2.0
31/07/201714:15 Newt, Royals And Rebels (2pt W, PP 15)2PP1511.5PU-2.0

June 2017 Results Update


A disappointing loss for the month.  I won’t make excuses; just sometimes horses don’t run to form.  Overall, only a small loss and we’re still well in front for the year.

Key highlights: June 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a loss of 10 points.
  • A nice 8/1 winner helped keep losses to a minimum.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
03/06/201715:25 Muss, Mister Manduro (2pt W, Betfred 8)2Betfred85.64th-2.0
03/06/201717:55 Hexh, Heart O Annandale (2pt W, Betfred 4.5)2Betfred4.55.66th-2.0
04/06/201714:30 Fake, Thats The Deal (2pt W, PP 9)2PP910.51st16.0
05/06/201717:25 Leic, Flyboy (2pt W, B365 6.5)2B3656.55.52nd-2.0
05/06/201716:55 Leic, Hells Babe (2pt W, B365 21)2B36521-NR0.0
06/06/201714:10 Weth, Flos Melody (2pt W, PP 12)2PP12-NR0.0
08/06/201714:30 Ripo, Springforth (2pt W, PP 4.5)2PP4.55.38th-2.0
08/06/201715:40 Hayd, Signore Piccolo (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.54.94th-2.0
09/06/201716:40 Carl, Shymkent (2pt W, Coral 8.5)2Coral8.54.41st15.0
10/06/201717:00 Beve, Character Onesie (2pt W, Betfred 6)2Betfred64.52nd-2.0
10/06/201715:45 Ches, Leontes (2pt W, Will Hill 13)2Will Hill139.08th-2.0
12/06/201719:10 Pont, Teak (2pt W, PP 15)2PP156.14th-2.0
13/06/201716:30 Sali, Onorina (2pt W, B365 7)2B36572.92nd-2.0
15/06/201719:40 Hayd, Mountain Rescue (2pt W, SJ 15)2SJ1514.07th-2.0
15/06/201715:55 Nott, Gung Ho Jack (2pt W, PP 23)2PP2310.54th-2.0
16/06/201715:10 Sand, Endless Gold (2pt W, PP 5)2PP54.52nd-2.0
17/06/201717:20 Bath, Captain Ryan (2pt W, B365 4.33)2B3654.333.52nd-2.0
17/06/201717:40 Hexh, Fred Le Macon (2pt W, Will Hill 5)2Will Hill55.7PU-2.0
18/06/201714:45 Sali, Silverrica (2pt W, Coral 6)2Coral611.57th-2.0
19/06/201719:30 Nott, Nayel (2pt W, Will Hill 6)2Will Hill65.41st10.0
19/06/201716:15 Weth, Cabal (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8)2Ladbrokes87.55th-2.0
20/06/201718:40 Brig, Fast Dancer (2pt W, Will Hill 6)2Will Hill62.82nd-2.0
21/06/201717:35 Asco, Tisbutadream (2pt W, B365 26)2B3652617.09th-2.0
21/06/201720:50 Ripo, Star Of Lombardy (2pt W, PP 7)2PP74.73rd-2.0
23/06/201717:35 Asco, Soldier In Action (2pt W, PP 19)2PP1937.712th-2.0
24/06/201715:30 Ayr, Spring Offensive (2pt W, Will Hill 4.5)2Will Hill4.58.24th-2.0
26/06/201720:50 Wind, Mercers (2pt W, B365 7.5)2B3657.56.45th-2.0
26/06/201716:45 Wolv, Win Lose Draw (2pt W, B365 10)2B365106.99th-2.0
27/06/201716:00 Beve, Katebird (2pt W, PP 4.33)2PP4.333.71st6.7
27/06/201718:10 Leic, Classic Pursuit (2pt W, PP 4.33)2PP4.334.02nd-2.0
28/06/201720:10 Kemp, Clowance One (2pt W, Coral 4.5)2Coral4.53.83rd-2.0
28/06/201714:50 Worc, Rebel Rebellion (2pt W, PP 17)2PP178.63rd-2.0
29/06/201716:25 Newm, Twin Appeal (2pt W, Will Hill 8.5)2Will Hill8.57.23rd-2.0
30/06/201718:00 Newc, Inaam (2pt W, Will Hill 5)2Will Hill57.25th-2.0
30/06/201721:00 Newm, Storm Cry (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7)2Ladbrokes75.82nd-2.0

May 2017 Results Update

May Results

A small profit for the month after a slow start.

Key highlights: May 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 18 points.
  • A nice 8/1 winner and a number at 5/1 helped produce a small profit.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
01/05/201715:45 Wind, Highland Colori (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.55.74th-2.0
02/05/201721:10 Chel, Addicted To You (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.5)2Ladbrokes4.53.53rd-2.0
02/05/201716:20 Nott, Midnight Vixen (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.33)2Ladbrokes4.338.210th-2.0
03/05/201718:35 Brig, The Juggler (2pt W, B365 7)2B3657NR0.0
03/05/201717:10 Pont, Intense Romance (2pt W, Betfred 8.5)2Betfred8.510.36th-2.0
04/05/201719:40 Muss, Cosmic Tigress (2pt W, B365 5)2B36557.33rd-2.0
04/05/201716:50 Towc, Brown Bear (2pt W, PP 5)2PP54.56th-2.0
06/05/201713:50 Newm, Ballet Concerto (2pt W, Sky 4.5)2Sky4.54.25th-2.0
06/05/201714:30 Thir, Magical Effect (2pt W, Ladb 4.5)2Ladb4.52.92nd-2.0
07/05/201716:55 Hami, So Its War (2pt W, Ladb 12)2Ladb125.43rd-2.0
07/05/201713:50 Newm, Frontiersman (2pt W, PP 6)2PP63.61st10.0
09/05/201718:15 Exet, Goodgirlteresa (2pt W, Ladbrokes 9)2Ladbrokes9-NR0.0
10/05/201720:35 Bath, The Big Lad (2pt W, PP 5)2PP5-NR0.0
10/05/201716:15 Newt, Be Seeing You (2pt W, PP 10)2PP109.56th-2.0
11/05/201720:25 Carl, Domtaline (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6)2Ladbrokes65.01st10.0
14/05/201716:00 Ludl, Noche De Reyes (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.53.62nd-2.0
15/05/201715:15 Brig, Swiss Cross (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8.5)2Ladbrokes8.5-NR0.0
16/05/201715:50 Sedg, Chestnut Ben (2pt W, B365 6)2B36567.62nd-2.0
17/05/201717:15 Worc, Global Bonus (2pt W, B365 21)2B3652110.02nd-2.0
17/05/201716:25 Yarm, Magic Moments (2pt W, BV 6)2BV65.91st10.0
18/05/201718:50 Newm, Opposition (2pt W, PP 6)2PP66.46th-2.0
18/05/201716:55 Sali, Mezzotint (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8)2Ladbrokes86.310th-2.0
20/05/201716:25 Newm, Robanne (2pt W, SJ 10)2SJ10-NR0.0
20/05/201716:40 Newb, Prosper (2pt W, PP 7)2PP710.56th-2.0
22/05/201718:00 Carl, Frederic (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.53.71st9.0
22/05/201714:50 Carl, Yeeoow (2pt W, B365 8)2B36584.35th-2.0
23/05/201716:20 Brig, Provoking (2pt W, PP 7)2PP710.17th-2.0
23/05/201719:50 Hexh, Medal Of Freedom (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.56.95th-2.0
25/05/201717:45 Catt, Our Place In Loule (2pt W, WH 5.5)2WH5.5-NR0.0
25/05/201715:20 Warw, Imperial Presence (2pt W, WH 4.5)2WH4.54.75th-2.0
27/05/201720:00 Ffos, Heist (2pt W, WH 5)2WH54.31st8.0
27/05/201716:55 Good, Englishman (2pt W, PP 8)2PP811.44th-2.0
28/05/201713:55 Font, Kayla (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.33)2Ladbrokes4.333.64th-2.0
28/05/201715:15 Kels, Sudski Star (2pt W, WH 4.33)2WH4.334.66th-2.0
29/05/201717:05 Cart, Buachaill Alainn (2pt W, B365 11)2B365117.25th-2.0
29/05/201715:20 Cart, Golden Doyen (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.55.63rd-2.0
30/05/201714:40 Ling, Team Meeting (2pt W, Will Hill 5.5)2Will Hill5.52.91st9.0
30/05/201717:10 Ling, Earthly (2pt W, B365 9)2B36594.11st16.0
31/05/201715:30 Beve, Arcane Dancer (2pt W, Will Hill 5)2Will Hill54.74th-2.0
31/05/201720:20 Kemp, Ballard Down (2pt W, Will Hill 5.5)2Will Hill5.53.85th-2.0

April 2017 Results Update


Finally hit a losing month.  The change over to flat caused a few strange results but I won’t use this as excuse….even though that sounds like one!  Onward to May where things should get back to normal.

Key highlights: April 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a loss of 5 points.
  • A nice 12/1 winner helped keep the losses to a minimum.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
01/04/201720:45 Chel, Borough Boy (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.5)2Ladbrokes4.55.04th-2.0
01/04/201716:30 Stra, North Hill (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.5)2Ladbrokes4.54.61st7.0
02/04/201713:45 Donc, Timeless Art (2pt W, PP 7)2PP74.83rd-2.0
02/04/201715:20 Donc, Muntadab (2pt W, B365 13)2B365139.32nd-2.0
03/04/201716:40 Kels, Bennys King (2pt W, Coral 4.5)2Coral4.53.54th-2.0
04/04/201716:55 Sout, Annie Salts (2pt W, Betfred 7)2Betfred712.08th-2.0
04/04/201716:20 Sout, Bold Prediction (2pt W, Coral 8)2Coral89.04th-2.0
05/04/201720:15 Kemp, Dream Love (2pt W, Bet365 6.5)2Bet3656.510.64th-2.0
06/04/201719:15 Chel, Magic City (2pt W, PP 8)2PP89.15th-2.0
06/04/201717:25 Sout, Fortinbrass (2pt W, BV 8)2BV87.26th-2.0
07/04/201716:05 Aint, Eastlake (2pt W, PP 17)2PP1730.0PU-2.0
08/04/201715:10 Ling, Fast And Hot (2pt W, Betfred 6)2Betfred66.72nd-2.0
08/04/201717:45 Newc, Civil Unrest (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6)2Ladbrokes69.85th-2.0
09/04/201716:30 Ffos, Perform (2pt W, B365 7)2B36578.64th-2.0
10/04/201714:40 Kels, Doubledisdoubledat (2pt W, Coral 5)2Coral54.5UR-2.0
10/04/201716:10 Kels, Superior Command (2pt W, Ladbrokes 9)2Ladbrokes98.6PU-2.0
11/04/201716:10 Pont, Cymro (2pt W, Coral 8)2Coral87.86th-2.0
12/04/201717:30 Catt, Cruise Tothelimit (2pt W, Betfred 9)2Betfred98.610th-2.0
12/04/201720:15 Kemp, Gulland Rock (2pt W, Will Hill 5.5)2Will Hill5.510.53rd-2.0
15/04/201715:50 Hayd, Secret Door (2pt W, PP 4)2PP44.71st6.0
16/04/201714:35 Plum, Remember Forever (2pt W, B365 7)2B36574.01st12.0
17/04/201714:05 Redc, Carlton Frankie (2pt W, PP 4)2PP43.11st6.0
17/04/201715:45 Wolv, Top Offer (2pt W, B365 8)2B36585.86th-2.0
18/04/201716:15 Kemp, Caulfields Venture (2pt W, PP 7.5)2PP7.513.55th-2.0
18/04/201715:30 Newm, Via Via (2pt W, SJ 6)2SJ6-NR0.0
19/04/201718:20 Beve, Dose (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.55.43rd-2.0
19/04/201716:50 Sedg, Down Time (2pt W, PP 5)2PP53.36th-2.0
20/04/201717:20 Newm, Ernststavroblofeld (2pt W, SJ 9)2SJ97.05th-2.0
20/04/201719:00 Taun, Ujagar (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.53.55th-2.0
21/04/201716:00 Font, Tactical Manoeuvre (2pt W, PP 2.6)2PP2.63.0PU-2.0
22/04/201717:55 Newb, Threat Assessed (2pt W, SJ 6.5)2SJ6.5-NR0.0
22/04/201716:05 Thir, Hemingway (2pt W, PP 7)2PP75.011th-2.0
23/04/201715:25 Winc, Bistouri DHonore (2pt W, PP 4.5)2PP4.54.7PU-2.0
24/04/201718:15 Wind, Little Palaver (2pt W, B365 13)2B365139.71st24.0
25/04/201718:00 Wolv, Bostonian (2pt W, PP 6)2PP63.65th-2.0
25/04/201715:50 Yarm, Flying Fantasy (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.55.74th-2.0
26/04/201716:00 Catt, Havelock (2pt W, PP 12)2PP1213.78th-2.0
26/04/201714:35 Pert, Miss Maiden Over (2pt W, Will Hill 7.5)2Will Hill7.58.41st13.0
27/04/201715:35 Pert, Smoking Jacket (2pt W, Betfreed 5)2Betfred53.55th-2.0
28/04/201717:45 Hunt, Royal Supremo (2pt W, Will Hill 7)2Will Hill76.23rd-2.0
28/04/201713:50 Sand, Dr Julius No (2pt W, BV 19)2BV1922.89th-2.0
29/04/201719:35 Donc, Invermere (2pt W, PP 5)2PP54.45th-2.0
29/04/201717:20 Sand, Pilansberg (2pt W, B365 13)2B3651333.09th-2.0
30/04/201716:45 Thir, Grandads World (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.53.25th-2.0
30/04/201715:30 Sali, Elas Ruby (2pt W, Sky 5.5)2Sky5.56.62nd-2.0

March 2017 Results Update


There was a couple of weeks break after Cheltenham (for me anyway!) but still a great profit for the month.

Key highlights: March 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 59 points.
  • 59 pts profit for 58 points bet equals a nice 102% ROI

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
02/03/201714:50 Ludl, Colins Brother (2pt W, B365 7)2B36576.093rd-2.0
03/03/201715:15 Newb, Red Devil Star (2pt W, SJ 5.5)2SJ5.55.172nd-2.0
03/03/201717:15 Newc, Mister Bob (2pt W, Paddy Power 10)2Paddy Power107.564th-2.0
04/03/201714:50 Kels, Ash Park (2pt W, B365 7)2B36578.84th-2.0
04/03/201715:45 Ling, Robot Boy (2pt W, Will Hill 4.5)2Will Hill4.53.923rd-2.0
07/03/201716:50 Exet, Fort Carson (2pt W, Coral 8)2Coral84.51st14.0
08/03/201718:15 Kemp, Athassel (2pt W, B365 6.5)2B3656.54.541st11.0
09/03/201718:45 Newc, Captain Dion (2pt W, SJ 6)2SJ62.862nd-2.0
09/03/201720:15 Newc, Orlando Rogue (2pt W, PP 5)2PP53.35th-2.0
10/03/201719:45 Newc, Windforpower (2pt W, B365 10)2B365108.92nd-2.0
10/03/201720:15 Newc, Backinanger (2pt W, PP 7)2PP74.733rd-2.0
11/03/201714:45 Ayr, Imjoeking (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8)2Ladbrokes83.621st14.0
11/03/201717:05 Ayr, The Bishop (2pt W, PP 5.5)2PP5.55.291st9.0
12/03/201715:35 Mark, Karisma King (2pt W, Will Hill 7.5)2Will Hill7.54.61st13.0
13/03/201714:40 Stra, Brother Bennett (2pt W, Paddy Power 7)2Paddy Power73.8UR-2.0
14/03/201714:25 Sout, Oscars Journey (2pt W, B365 8)2B3658156th-2.0
14/03/201716:25 Sout, Dark Forest (2pt W, B365 5)2B36553.343rd-2.0
15/03/201715:15 Sout, Brigadoon (2pt W, B365 5)2B36558.31st8.0
15/03/201715:55 Sout, George Cinq (2pt W, PP 7)2PP7111st12.0
16/03/201713:20 Towc, Distant Sound (2pt W, B365 5)2B36559.43rd-2.0
16/03/201717:40 Hexh, Massinis Lady (2pt W, B365 7.5)2B3657.56.6PU-2.0
17/03/201720:45 Wolv, Monna Valley (2pt W, PP 8.5)2PP8.58.557th-2.0
18/03/201715:10 Newc, Rhymers Stone (2pt W, Coral 5)2Coral54.12nd-2.0
18/03/201718:15 Wolv, What Usain (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5.5)2Ladbrokes5.56.252nd-2.0
21/03/201714:30 Exet, Pure Vision (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5)2Ladbrokes55.21st8.0
25/03/201715:50 Kels, Ascot De Bruyere (2pt W, 5)253.891st8.0
30/03/201714:20 Warw, You Too Pet (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6.5)2Ladbrokes6.553rd-2.0
31/03/201715:10 Font, Persaverance (2pt W, Paddy Power 26)2Paddy Power260NR0.0
31/03/201715:40 Font, Mr Muddle (2pt W, Ladbrokes 4.5)2Ladbrokes4.52.53rd-2.0

February 2017 Results Update

Another excellent month with over 100% ROI.

Key highlights: February 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 71 points. This included winners at 12/1 and 8/1, 8/1 and 7/1.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
01/02/201716:20 Kemp, Lexington Times (2pt W, B365 6)2B36568.892nd-2.0
02/02/201714:20 Sout, The Lock Master (2pt W, Will Hill 21)2Will Hill2111.53rd-2.0
02/02/201716:35 Sout, Boots And Spurs (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6)2Ladbrokes64.794th-2.0
04/02/201712:25 Muss, Dear Sire (2pt W, B365 7)2B36578.376th-2.0
05/02/201716:10 Muss, Cup Final (2pt W, Ladbrokes 7.5)2Ladbrokes7.56.410th-2.0
06/02/201715:50 Wolv, Tilsworth Micky (2pt W, Will Hill 7.5)2Will Hill7.56.6PU-2.0
07/02/201713:30 Newc, Outlaw Torn (2pt W, Will Hill 8)2Will Hill813.26th-2.0
08/02/201720:20 Kemp, Masterfilly (2pt W, Ladbrokes 5.5)2Ladbrokes5.569th-2.0
09/02/201715:30 Donc, Three Ways (2pt W, Stan James 9)2Stan James95.481st16.0
09/02/201715:40 Ling, Par Three (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8)2Ladbrokes816.117th-2.0
11/02/201716:50 Ling, Silver Quay (2pt W, Will Hill 6)2Will Hill63.72nd-2.0
12/02/201715:20 Exet, Perfect Candidate (2pt W, Paddy Power 8)2Paddy Power815.251st14.0
12/02/201716:40 Sedg, Fresh By Nature (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8)2Ladbrokes88.6PU-2.0
13/02/201717:20 Wolv, Dream Ally (2pt W, BetVictor 5.5)2BetVictor5.53.93rd-2.0
13/02/201714:50 Wolv, Haraka (2pt W, BetVictor 4.33)2BetVictor4.333.44th-2.0
14/02/201715:50 Ayr, Trust Thomas (2pt W, Bet365 10)2Bet365108.44th-2.0
15/02/201715:20 Newc, Beyondtemptation (2pt W, BetVictor 7)2BetVictor73.681st12.0
16/02/201714:35 Leic, Crown Hill (2pt W, Betfair 7)2Betfair73.411st12.0
16/02/201717:00 Ling, Mercy Me (2pt W, B365 13)2B365138.82nd-2.0
17/02/201717:25 Newc, Handsome Dude (2pt W, B365 9)2B36596.41st16.0
18/02/201714:25 Asco, Virak (2pt W, SJ 9)2SJ97.25th-2.0
18/02/201713:40 Winc, Financial Climate (2pt W, B365 4.5)2B3654.54.8PU-2.0
20/02/201716:00 Ling, Onderun (2pt W, Will Hill 10)2Will Hill106.655th-2.0
22/02/201715:25 Ling, Bishops Cannings (2pt W, B365 6)2B36564.692nd-2.0
23/02/201717:15 Chel, Nouvelle Ere (2pt W, PP 13)2PP1315.361st24.0
23/02/201716:40 Chel, Saved My Bacon (2pt W, Betfred 6)2Betfred60NR0.0
24/02/201715:25 Ling, State Residence (2pt W, Paddy Power 9)2Paddy Power99.66th-2.0
25/02/201716:50 Chep, Modeligo (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8.5)2Ladbrokes8.56.61st15.0
25/02/201716:25 Ling, Blue Surf (2pt W, B365 7)2B36576.232nd-2.0
26/02/201716:30 Font, Greyed A (2pt W, B365 4)2B36542.89PU-2.0
26/02/201716:10 Sout, Nobuttaboy (2pt W, SJ 6)2SJ66.196th-2.0
27/02/201716:35 Plum, Minella Gathering (2pt W, B365 5)2B36552.291st8.0

January 2017 Results Update

Profit Chart

A slow start to the month that results in a 21 point deficit.  Some good results at the end of the month turned things into a 21 point profit.

Key highlights: January 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 21 points. This included 7 winners, including 4 at odds greater than 5/1.
  • 58% of bets dropped in odds from when I posted (compared to BSP and excluding NRs).

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPTrend ProfitBack ProfitCombined Profit

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Trend ProfitBack Profit    
01/01/201712:35 Sout, Pulsating (2pt W, Bet Victor 4)2Bet Victor45.43rd-0.6-2.0
03/01/201715:00 Muss, Thankyou Very Much (2pt W, Coral 3.75)2Coral3.753.312nd0.2-2.0
04/01/201717:15 Wolv, Special Relation (2pt W, Will Hill 7)2Will Hill752nd0.7-2.0
05/01/201714:00 Wolv, Elusive Cowboy (2pt W, Coral 4)2Coral446th-0.1-2.0
05/01/201719:15 Chel, Secret Bird (2pt W, Will Hill 2.88)2Will Hill2.881.933rd0.9-2.0
06/01/201719:15 Wolv, Yasir (2pt W, Betway 3.5)2Betway3.54.961st-0.65.0
06/01/201720:15 Wolv, Lorikeet (2pt W, Will Hill 5)2Will Hill53.728th0.6-2.0
07/01/201715:15 Winc, Fortunate George (2pt W, Stan James 10)2Stan James109.352nd0.0-2.0
07/01/201720:15 Wolv, Champagne Queen (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6.5)2Ladbrokes6.55.116th0.4-2.0
09/01/201715:55 Ling, Lucrezia (2pt W, B365 9)2B36596.197th0.8-2.0
10/01/201715:10 Wolv, Monna Valley (2pt W, Coral 6.5)2Coral6.56.85th-0.2-2.0
10/01/201715:50 Sout, Macho Mac (2pt W, Will Hill 3.75)2Will Hill3.755.75th-0.7-2.0
11/01/201713:50 Here, Buckle Street (2pt W, B365 3.25)2B3653.253.663rd-0.3-2.0
12/01/201717:50 Chel, Medicean El Diablo (2pt W, Coral 5.5)2Coral5.50NR0.0
13/01/201714:10 Sedg, Captain Mowbray (2pt W, Paddy Power 4)2Paddy Power40NR0.0
14/01/201712:20 Kemp, Fidux (2pt W, 888 5)288857.21st-0.78.0
15/01/201714:10 Kels, Aristo Du Plessis (2pt W, Bet Victor 15)2Bet Victor157.84th1.7-2.0
16/01/201714:45 Ayr, Calivigny (2pt W, Will Hill 15)2Will Hill1515.826th-0.2-2.0
16/01/201716:10 Plum, Sir Hubert (2pt W, B365 4.33)2B3654.334.726th-0.2-2.0
17/01/201713:15 Ayr, Just Minded (2pt W, Paddy 2.38)2Paddy2.382.263rd0.0-2.0
19/01/201714:10 Winc, Unify (2pt W, Will Hill 9)2Will Hill911.77UR-0.5-2.0
19/01/201715:00 Ludl, Theatre Goer (2pt W, B365 7)2B36576.21st0.212.0
21/01/201712:50 Ling, Byres Road (2pt W, Coral 5)2Coral53.585th0.7-2.0
21/01/201718:45 Newc, Ballesteros (2pt W, B365 21)2B3652121.536th-0.1-2.0
23/01/201714:00 Wolv, American Patrol (2pt W, B365 6)2B36562.041st3.710.0
25/01/201715:25 Ludl, Keep Moving (2pt W, B365 7)2B36576.23rd0.2-2.0
25/01/201716:10 Catt, Final Countdown (2pt W, Betfred 5)2Betfred50NR0.0
26/01/201719:00 Wolv, Aldreth (2pt W, B365 6)2B36560NR0.0
27/01/201714:25 Donc, Stepover (2pt W, B365 4)2B36543.31st0.36.0
27/01/201715:30 Hunt, Muthabir (2pt W, B365 11)2B365110NR0.0
28/01/201714:50 Chel, Alelchi Inois (2pt W, Stan James 10)2Stan James1015.667th-0.8-2.0
28/01/201715:35 Ling, Rydan (2pt W, B365 7)2B36577.792nd-0.3-2.0
29/01/201715:40 Font, Mr Bachster (2pt W, Ladbrokes 8.5)2Ladbrokes8.57.21st0.315.0
30/01/201715:30 Ayr, Achill Road Boy (2pt W, B365 6)2B36564.384th0.6-2.0
31/01/201714:25 Ling, Annie Alainn (2pt W, BV 7.5)2BV7.56.711st0.113.0
31/01/201714:45 Wolv, Oor Jock (2pt W, Sky 5)2Sky53.712nd0.6-2.0

October 2016 Results Update

Profit Chart

Another solid month.

Key highlights: October 2016

  • 55% of bets dropped in odds from when I posted (compared to BSP and excluding NRs).
  • Straight back betting at advised odds produced a solid profit of 31.6 points. This included winners at  16/1, 13/2, 11/2, 5/1 and numerous smaller wins.  Overall strike rate of 22%.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPTrend ProfitBack ProfitCombined Profit

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Trend ProfitBack Profit
01/10/201614:50 Newm, Fourth Way (2pt W, Will Hill 12)2Will Hill1212.4912th-0.2-2.0
01/10/201619:40 Wolv, Nouvelli Dancer (2pt W, Coral 6.5)2Coral6.512.265th-1.0-2.0
02/10/201616:20 Hunt, Down Time (2pt W, B365 15)2B3651510.014th0.9-2.0
03/10/201615:00 Pont, Blair House (2pt W, Paddy Power 2.62)2Paddy Power2.623.551st-0.63.2
03/10/201614:40 Sout, St Johns Point (2pt W, Betway 7.5)2Betway7.55.25PU0.7-2.0
04/10/201618:10 Kemp, Carcharias (2pt W, Coral 11)2Coral116.033rd1.5-2.0
04/10/201619:40 Kemp, Cryptic (2pt W, Bet Victor 5)2Bet Victor52.961st1.38.0
05/10/201619:20 Kemp, Theydon Grey (2pt W, B365 6)2B365658th0.3-2.0
06/10/201620:25 Chel, Estrella Eria (2pt W, Paddy Power 6)2Paddy Power64.781st0.410.0
06/10/201617:15 Exet, Billy My Boy (2pt W, Paddy Power 6)2Paddy Power64.233rd0.7-2.0
07/10/201619:10 Newc, Briardale (2pt W, Betfred 11)2Betfred115.452nd1.9-2.0
07/10/201621:10 Newc, Rich Again (2pt W, Paddy Power 5.5)2Paddy Power5.54.34th0.5-2.0
08/10/201616:05 Hexh, Halcyon Days (2pt W, Will Hill 6)2Will Hill69.83rd-0.8-2.0
08/10/201617:40 Newc, Cavalieri (2pt W, Will Hill 17)2Will Hill1710.038th1.2-2.0
09/10/201614:15 Chep, Cliffs Of Dover (2pt W, Bet365 8.5)2Bet3658.50NR0.00.0
10/10/201617:40 Yarm, Vale Of Rock (2pt W, SkyBet 51)2SkyBet518.457th9.5-2.0
10/10/201616:10 Yarm, Iftitah (2pt W, Coral 3.5)2Coral3.50NR0.00.0
11/10/201616:55 Muss, Opt Out (2pt W, Coral 4.5)2Coral4.54.971st-0.37.0
11/10/201616:25 Muss, Showdaisy (2pt W, Will Hill 7.5)2Will Hill7.58.851st-0.413.0
12/10/201616:20 Nott, Orient Class (2pt W, Will Hill 7.5)2Will Hill7.56.22nd0.3-2.0
12/10/201616:35 Weth, Nautical Nitwit (2pt W, Betway 6.5)2Betway6.55.11st0.411.0
13/10/201614:10 Carl, Smart Ruler (2pt W, Coral 10)2Coral1010.666th-0.2-2.0
13/10/201620:20 Chel, Skylark Lady (2pt W, Paddy Power 7)2Paddy Power75.775th0.3-2.0
14/10/201614:40 Fake, Alyasan (2pt W, Coral 3)2Coral33.013rd-0.1-2.0
14/10/201615:00 Winc, Present Man (2pt W, Coral 3)2Coral32.531st0.34.0
15/10/201614:10 Mark, Pink Play (2pt W, Will Hill 4)2Will Hill43.85PU-0.0-2.0
15/10/201619:15 Wolv, Salmon Sushi (2pt W, Coral 10)2Coral10136th-0.5-2.0
16/10/201615:50 Newc, Replenish (2pt W, Paddy Power 7)2Paddy Power75.023rd0.7-2.0
17/10/201615:30 Plum, Executive Prince (2pt W, Bet365 10)2Bet365104.336th2.4-2.0
18/10/201621:10 Kemp, Straits Of Malacca (2pt W, Bet365 10)2Bet365108.393rd0.3-2.0
18/10/201615:30 Newc, Pearl Acclaim (2pt W, Bet365 6)2Bet36566.88th-0.3-2.0
19/10/201621:20 Kemp, Lobster Cocktail (2pt W, Ladbrokes 6)2Ladbrokes64.13rd0.8-2.0
19/10/201616:05 Worc, Nexius (2pt W, Will Hill 8)2Will Hill88.736th-0.2-2.0
20/10/201619:15 Chel, Perfect Alchemy (2pt W, Bet365 9)2Bet365910.56th-0.4-2.0
20/10/201615:30 Newt, Nachi Falls (2pt W, Bet365 3.25)2Bet3653.253.384th-0.1-2.0
22/10/201620:10 Chel, Work (2pt W, B365 2.87)2B3652.872.391st0.33.7
22/10/201617:05 Newb, Clear Water (2pt W, Betway 6)2Betway64.028th0.9-2.0
23/10/201614:25 Winc, Panis Angelicus (2pt W, Paddy Power 12)2Paddy Power120NR0.00.0
24/10/201615:35 Ayr, Oscatara (2pt W, Will Hill 4.33)2Will Hill4.334.566th-0.2-2.0
24/10/201616:10 Ayr, Bright Prospect (2pt W, B365 5.5)2B3655.55.952nd-0.2-2.0
25/10/201619:30 Newc, Fire Diamond (2pt W, Paddy Power 7)2Paddy Power7103rd-0.7-2.0
25/10/201613:50 Catt, The Hooded Claw (2pt W, Bet365 9)2Bet365911.575th-0.5-2.0
26/10/201616:10 Fake, Daliance (2pt W, Coral 17)2Coral178.731st1.732.0
26/10/201615:50 Nott, Corpus Chorister (2pt W, Will Hill 19)2Will Hill199.82nd1.7-2.0
27/10/201621:10 Chel, Rosie Crowe (2pt W, B365 4.33)2B3654.335.41st-0.56.7
27/10/201617:20 Ling, Sexton Blake (2pt W, Coral 9)2Coral90NR0.00.0
28/10/201619:45 Newc, Alice Thornton (2pt W, Coral 6)2Coral66.6811th-0.3-2.0
28/10/201616:20 Utto, Noble Legend (2pt W, Will Hill 17)2Will Hill1710.446th1.1-2.0
29/10/201614:35 Ayr, Malin Bay (2pt W, B365 8)2B36585.24F0.9-2.0
29/10/201620:10 Chel, Permera (2pt W, B365 19)2B365196th-1.0-2.0
30/10/201615:15 Carl, Definitly Red (2pt W, Coral 4.5)2Coral4.51st0.17.0
31/10/201615:30 Here, Moulin Rouge (2pt W, Will Hill 5)2Will Hill56th0.8-2.0