November 2017 Results Update

Key highlights: November 2017

  • Straight back 2pt betting at advised odds produced a profit of 6 points.

Summary Results

Twitter BetsTotal PtAverage OddsAverage BSPBack ProfitROI

Full Results

DateTwitter BetsTotal PtAdvised BookieAdvised OddsBSPPos.Back Profit
1/11/201715:10 Fake, Shinooki (2pt W, B365 6)2B36563.683rd-2.0
2/11/201713:50 Ling, Gulliver (2pt W, SJ 5)2SJ53.621st8.0
2/11/201714:35 Sedg, Askamore Darsi (2pt W, SJ 6.5)2SJ6.56.444th-2.0
3/11/201714:10 Utto, Maid Of Tuscany (2pt W, B365 8)2B36585.43PU-2.0
4/11/201714:20 Newm, Awesometank (2pt W, B365 6)2B36565.634th-2.0
5/11/201714:15 Hunt, Salto Chisco (2pt W, Ladbrokes 3.75)2Ladbrokes3.753.531st5.5
6/11/201713:20 Kemp, George Villiers (2pt W, Coral 5)2Coral54.41st8.0
7/11/201714:35 Exet, Elegant Escape (2pt W, Will Hill 5.5)2Will Hill5.55.992nd-2.0
7/11/201717:15 Kemp, Racing Country (2pt W, PP 5)2PP52.24th-2.0
9/11/201719:15 Chel, Petite Jack (2pt W, B365 5)2B36553.56th-2.0
9/11/201713:50 Ludl, Dreamcatching (2pt W, SJ 5.5)2SJ5.54.055th-2.0
10/11/201715:20 Warw, Riverside City (2pt W, BV 12)2BV12168th-2.0
11/11/201714:00 Kels, Chidswell (2pt W, SJ 5.5)2SJ5.50NR0.0
11/11/201714:35 Kels, Welcome Ben (2pt W, SJ 5.5)2SJ5.53.342nd-2.0
13/11/201714:05 Carl, Newstart (2pt W, B365 9)2B36597.055th-2.0
13/11/201714:15 Sout, Boots And Spurs (2pt W, B365 6.5)2B3656.50NR0.0
14/11/201713:50 Ling, Greyed A (2pt W, WH 6)2WH64.5PU-2.0
14/11/201715:00 Worc, Burrows Lane (2pt W, PP 7.5)2PP7.55.73rd-2.0
15/11/201716:45 Newc, Lady Lintera (2pt W, PP 10)2PP108.213rd-2.0
16/11/201715:30 Ludl, By The Boardwalk (2pt W, Ladbrokes 13)2Ladbrokes1311.164th-2.0
16/11/201712:40 Sout, Mach One (2pt W, Will Hill 6.5)2Will Hill6.53.472nd-2.0
17/11/201720:15 Chel, Intermodal (2pt W, WH 10)2WH1011.56th-2.0
17/11/201712:40 Chel, What Happens Now (2pt W, B365 7.5)2B3657.57.87th-2.0
18/11/201715:05 Utto, Yasir (2pt W, Will Hill 7)2Will Hill77.62nd-2.0
18/11/201720:45 Wolv, Fast Act (2pt W, B365 5)2B36554.967th-2.0
19/11/201715:00 Chel, The New One (2pt W, Will Hill 17)2Will Hill178.74th-2.0
22/11/201719:10 Kemp, Soldier In Action (2pt W, Will Hill 8)2Will Hill87.21st14.0
23/11/201714:45 Mark, Marjus Quest (2pt W, B365 9)2B365910.53rd-2.0
25/11/201715:15 Asco, San Benedeto (2pt W, Will Hill 4.33)2Will Hill4.333.264th-2.0
27/11/201713:40 Ludl, Robin The Raven (2pt W, B365 3.25)2B3653.252.661st4.5
28/11/201712:10 Sout, Good Time Ahead (2pt W, PP 6.5)2PP6.53.461st11.0
29/11/201718:10 Kemp, Intisaab (2pt W, PP 7)2PP75.382nd-2.0
29/11/201713:45 Wolv, Ghanimah (2pt W, WH 3.25)2WH3.252.041st4.5
30/11/201715:00 Muss, Prince Khurram (2pt W, Coral 5)2Coral54.75th-2.0

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